Why business owners must grow their business

Business owners must constantly strive for growth to survive and thrive in today’s competitive landscape. In fact, choosing to stagnate or remain complacent is a death sentence for any business. Therefore, it is essential that business owners adopt a growth culture that drives all operational tasks, projects and initiatives.

A growth culture is not just a component of a company’s strategy, but rather, it is the company’s strategy. This means that growth should be the driving force behind every decision, every action and every goal. Opportunities for growth are everywhere and should always be explored. Companies that prioritise growth are more likely to attract and retain the most talented team members, as these individuals seek personal and professional growth opportunities.

Growth-focused companies have a clear direction and attract the best people, which creates a cycle of success. A-team players want to work with other A-team players, and the positive feedback loop of obtaining great people allows for more growth, which leads to more personal and professional challenges. This momentum is everything, and it only occurs if a team is constantly pushing their own boundaries and capabilities.

Having large, audacious goals is also key to achieving growth. Although operating a small-to-medium business can be hectic with endless opportunities for improvement, having a clear direction and working backwards helps everyone understand where they are going and how to get there. Having a growth mindset and pushing for big goals creates an environment of continuous improvement and growth.

It’s important to note that growth usually feels scary and intimidating. It requires additional investment, making choices based on probability-weighted outcomes, constantly weighing, and considering opportunity costs, and stepping into the unknown. However, not having these challenges or growth opportunities poses an even bigger risk. If a business doesn’t prioritise growth, it could fail to attract and retain great people, which could ultimately lead to its demise.

The Australian Government Business department (business.gov.au) supports the Australian business community to succeed in Australia and to adapt to change. This is an excellent resource for businesses to learn how to innovate, restructure, change, and improve the way they operate.

In conclusion, growth is not an option for businesses, but rather, a necessity. A growth culture must drive all aspects of a business, including decision-making, goal setting, and operations. With large, audacious goals and a growth mindset, businesses can create an environment of continuous improvement and success.

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