$12.6 million to help fix WA Black Spots

The Australian Government has committed $12.6 million towards safety measures at 24 dangerous crash sites on WA roads – and is calling on the public to nominate other black spots that need attention.

Funded under the 2023-24 under the Black Spot Program, the spend will go towards upgrades such as traffic signals and roundabouts at locations where a number of serious crashes are known to have occurred – or are at risk of occurring.

“We have committed $110 million per year to the Black Spot Program to work with state, territory and local governments to improve road safety across the nation,” Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Carol Brown.

“These 24 new projects in WA is another example of our commitment to keeping Australians safe on our roads, reducing the impacts of road trauma, and supporting jobs and local communities.”

Black Spot Consultative Panels provide the opportunity for stakeholders to have a say in the project selection process, and ensure that nominations of the highest priority and importance to the local community are recommended for approval.

The WA review panel includes representatives from the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia, Western Roads Federation, Road Safety Commission, Western Australian Local Government Association and Main Roads Western Australia.

“The Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics has found that Black Spot projects reduce the number of crashes causing death and injury by 30 per cent on average,” added Federal Member for Fremantle and Chair of the Western Australia Black Spot Consultative Panel, Josh Wilson MP.

“This investment in Black Spot projects will deliver safer roads throughout the state.”

For more information on the Australian Government’s Black Spot Program, or to nominate a black spot for funding in future years, click here.

These are the 24 projects that will be funded under the current round of improvements:

Project Name Proposed Treatment Australian Government Contribution Council
Mirrabooka Avenue
Hepburn Avenue
Install pre-deflection on both Mirabooka Avenue approaches to roundabout, reduce height of the roundabout annulus, and modify cycle lane ramps $750,000 Wanneroo
Grantham Street
between Pangbourne Street and Jersey Street
Modify median islands to partly restrict movements at the intersections of Grantham and Jersey streets, as well as Grantham and Pangbourne streets $196,500 Cambridge
Vincent Street
0.70km section north of intersection of Adelma Road and Melvista Avenue
Install speed plateaus on Vincent Street and intersecting roads between Jenkins and Melvista avenues, upgrade and install street lighting $300,000 Nedlands
Derby Road
0.90km section between Aberdare Road and Nicholson Road
Install speed plateaus on Derby Road at various locations between Aberdare and Nicholson roads, upgrade and install street lighting $190,000 Subiaco
Lawson Street
Farnham Street
Install and modify median islands to prevent right turn and through movements from Farnham Street $225,000 Canning
Terrace Road
690m section from Plain Street to west of Hill Street
Install traffic calming on Terrace Road between west of Hill Street and Plain Street $650,000 Perth
Kooyong Road
Francisco Street
Install pre-deflection on Francisco Street south approach to roundabout $150,000 Belmont
Salvado Road
Old Jacaranda Way, Salvado Road West and Denton Street
Install speed cushions on both Salvado Road approaches to roundabout $60,000 Subiaco
Heytesbury Road
Derby Road
Install roundabout $250,000 Subiaco
Malaga Drive
Victoria Road
Install overhead mast arms on both Malaga Drive approaches to intersection $44,275 Swan
Westfield Street
between Pitchford Avenue and Helm Street
Install traffic calming and pedestrian refuge islands at various locations between Helm Street and Pitchford Avenue, install a mini-roundabout at Sheoak Road $300,000 Gosnells
Lawson Street
Marquis Street and Hayman Road
Install pre-deflection on Marquis Street north approach to roundabout, improve pedestrian crossing points, modify geometry and pavement markings $225,000 Canning
Julimar Road
From 3.04km north-east of Chittering Road
Seal shoulders, improve clear zone, extend culverts and install audible edge lines, pavement markings and signs $336,600 Chittering
Hester Avenue
Connolly Drive
Modify layout of two-way roundabout, improve lane separation, cycle path and pedestrian crossing and upgrade lighting on both Hester Avenue approaches $1,500,000 Wanneroo
Marmion Avenue
Pitcairn Entrance
Upgrade and modify median islands and pedestrian crossing points, modify and renew pedestrian path $132,000 Wanneroo
Rockingham Road
Spearwood Avenue
Modify traffic signal phasing on all approaches and install pedestrian guidelines and pavement markings $426,471 Cockburn
Carrington Street
Forrest Road
Install raised intersection plateau on all approaches, modify traffic signals to right turn arrow on Forrest Road east approach and upgrade pedestrian facilities and street lighting $1,268,800 Cockburn
Mirrabooka Avenue
Montrose Avenue and Koondoola Avenue
Improve road geometry on Mirrabooka Avenue approaches to roundabout and install speed humps on both Montrose Avenue approaches $868,699 Wanneroo
Corbel Street
Modillion Avenue North
Install roundabout and upgrade street lighting $267,120 Canning
Hepburn Avenue
Moolanda Boulevard
Install two-lane roundabout with pre-deflection on both Hepburn Avenue approaches and install cycle lane bypass for westbound movement. $1,350,000 Joondalup
Victoria Highway
0.44km West of Packsaddle Road
Clear vegetation, improve sight distance at approach to information bay and install flag lighting $173,340 Wyndham East Kimberley
Fisheries Road
Between Fluer Gate and Bandy Creek Road
Widen seal on Fisheries Road, modify intersections with Windabout Way and Goldfields Road, upgrade street lighting and install kerbing, pavement markings and signs $1,110,953 Esperance
Limpet Crescent
and Clam Court
Install speed plateaus on Limpet Crescent and Clam Court between Trumpet Way and Baler Close and formalise pedestrian crossing points $275,000 Port Hedland
South Western Highway
Willowdale Road
Modify and extend left turning lane to Willowdale Road, install splitter island to increase sight distance, improve lighting, drainage and clear vegetation $1,566,269 Waroona


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