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Eaton Australia launches new automated gearbox

Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies has announced the launch of an all-new Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) called the Endurant XD Pro.

Designed and engineered by the Eaton-Cummins Joint Venture, it is set to officially go into Australian production vehicles from July this year. The highly anticipated new product features a variety of new and enhanced features over previous versions of Eaton AMT’s.

“The Endurant XD Pro is a whole new platform that’s been engineered from the ground up. Everything about the transmission’s design, and the new clutch it is paired with, has been purpose-built for high performance,” said Eaton OEM sales manager Luke Upton.

“It is an 18-speed transmission specifically designed for higher GCM applications, whereas the smaller Endurant HD, which launched in 2018 is the 12-speed version optimised for lighter GCM applications.  The Endurant XD Pro is the lowest weight transmission Eaton has built for heavy duty commercial vehicles, largely due to the cast-aluminium casing, and is over 100kg lighter than its predecessor the UltraShift PLUS.”

Though the product is yet to go into official production, there are already several Endurant XD Pro units out on the road, being put through their paces.

“The first Endurant XD Pro units will be fitted in the new Kenworth K220 cabover, with Kenworth’s T610 and T410 models to follow soon after,” added Upton.

The clean, contained design has the critical electronics and sensors integrated into one central module for enhanced protection and reliability. The transmission utilises helical gearing for reduced noise and improved durability and includes smart features with a transmission fluid pressure and oil temperature sensors.

Like the Endurant HD 12 speed, all shifting and clutch operations are performed pneumatically to provide smooth and rapid response without placing high demands on the vehicle electrical system.

The extreme duty clutch is a 430mm single plate self-adjusting design, with organic facing material for improved launch control during clutch engagement.

The transmission maintains Eaton’s legendary twin counter-shaft design that provides high torque capability in a compact package. The exceptional 20.5:1 overall ratio spread delivers great starting ability combined with low cruise rpm for improved fuel efficiency.

Other features include a three-position small step splitter, which allows increased skip shifting and ensures the correct ratio is available for every driving situation.

As standard, the Endurant XD Pro has dual PTO openings with an 8-bolt bottom, and 4-bolt rear opening. 

“In the second half of the year we plan to be in full production and so customers can place their orders now,” added Upton.

For more information on the new Endurant XD Pro call 1300 4 EATON (1300 432 866), email or visit

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