BTS 2023

Showcasing latest AI-powered safety solutions for fleet managers

FleetSafe plans to showcase a raft of artificial intelligence-powered safety solutions at the 2023 truck, trailer, and parts and accessories showcase.

FleetSafe has revealed it will showcase a new centralised web-based platform for managing and measuring all aspects of a fleet’s assets and its drivers.

The FleetHQ system integrates with on-board safety systems like Mobileye, Cipia and Proxicam, as well as DVRs, dashcams, TPMS and any other hardware that generates data, including vehicle CAN and engine diagnostic data.

It will be among a raft of AI-powered safety solutions the company will display.

These also include Mobileye 8, an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) that uses machine vision to watch the road ahead and provide audible and visual alerts to unsafe manoeuvres, such as tailgating and unintentional lane departure; or provide early-warning to an imminent collision with a vehicle, motorcycle, cyclist, or pedestrian ahead.

Additionally, FleetSafe will display the Cipia Driver Monitoring System which uses machine vison to monitor the driver’s face and provide real-time audible, visual and haptic feedback to potentially fatal events, such as driver fatigue, distraction or not wearing a seatbelt.

Another solution, driven by AI, is Proxicam, a pedestrian detection system comprising a smart-camera capable of identifying humans.

Cameras can be deployed as a standalone detection system or coupled with an LCD monitor to provide up to 360-degree visibility around a vehicle, alerting the operator with both visual and audible warnings when a person breaches a pre-defined exclusion zone.

The Spotto Blind Spot Monitoring System, meanwhile, incorporates high-frequency radar that monitors the area alongside the truck, alerting the driver to potential collisions with other vehicles, motorcycles, cyclists and pedestrians.

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