Choosing the right truck tyre to suit your needs

With so many options on the market, what are some of the criteria for buying the right truck tyre? Here, we run through what to look for to ensure you’re buying the best truck tyres to suit your needs and application.

Size and load capacity

Firstly, your tyre should match the specifications of your truck. Check the owner’s manual of your truck, weigh your load regularly and consult a tyre expert to determine the right size and load capacity for your truck and trailer combination.

Tread Pattern

If you regularly drive on roads that are wet or slippery, it’s important to look for tyres that have a deeper tread depth and a pattern that can provide better traction. If you drive on dry roads, a tyre with a shallow tread depth and a straight ribbed pattern may be sufficient.


Look for tyres that are made from high-quality materials and have a long-lasting tread life, as well as a trusted brand.

There are many ways in which tyres are made so quality assurance is important to rule out inferior products.

Not all tyres are equal, tyre construction and materials can greatly impact value and performance.

Fuel efficiency

For any transport business, fuel is among the biggest cost in running their business. To minimise fuel usage, look for tyres that are designed to reduce rolling resistance and improve fuel economy.Also ensuring you regularly monitor the correct tyre pressure against your load will ensure you get the best possible fuel efficiency.


A final consideration is price. Consider your budget when buying truck tyres. While it may be tempting to go for the cheapest option, remember that quality and durability should be your top priorities to get the best total value from your tyres.

And finally

A brand that offers excellent guarantees on their tyres, as well as support services are a good option. Check out the Triple Guarantee offered by Double Coin Truck and OTR Tyres that includes a free replacement guarantee for any defects found in the first 50 per cent wear of the tyre, as well as casing and pro rata guarantees. For full details visit the website at tyres4U.com.au/double-coin.

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