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Enjoying the variety

John McGregor, 51, drives a 2020 Fuso Fighter for Coast Wide which is based at Berkley in NSW. Big Rigs saw McGregor near the Fuso, which was parked beside the road near Cessnock.

“We pick up breakdowns around the region and go anywhere in the country if required to,” he said.

McGregor has been a truckie since 1993 and the first truck he drove was a UD. 

He says he likes the variety of his work.

“I never know what I have to do every day when at work,” he said.

He added that the 10 tonne capacity Fuso was great for the tasks required of it.

“Near here there used to be a mine,” he said.

As for bad roads he gets along, McGregor said the Cessnock to Maitland one required extra careful driving on.

When he manages to get time off McGregor enjoys fishing in Lake Macquarie.

“I do catch some flathead and whiting which make good eating,” he said.

McGregor barracks for the Sydney Bulldogs in the NRL. 

“I hope they have a better season in 2023. They have some good new players,” he said.

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