Fleet management software to improve efficiencies

Whether you are managing three or 300 trucks and/or trailers, you will be familiar with the administrative time and complexities involved in ensuring your vehicles are maintained and complying with the many regulations around the country.

Regular maintenance scheduling, insurance and rego renewals, annual inspections, telematics contracts, fuel cards, toll tags and more all need to be managed for every asset in a fleet and it isn’t easy. In fact it can take hundreds of hours and put immense stress onto operators.

Software can now take the stress and time away, and give operators much better visibility on the health of their fleet. 

It is suitable for both small and large fleets, and really can save significant time and money. Mining and gas giant Santos recently implemented TranzMate, a leading fleet management software from Brisbane company Brightfox to manage their fleet of over 1500 vehicles.

TranzMate enables your mobile mechanics, drivers, workshops, managers and finance team to all be connected in one app.

TranzMate offers operators the ability to track every vehicle in a single location, recording all of the information on that asset. Make, model, age, VIN, gearbox, and much more, coupled with images, warranty documents and manuals and pretty much anything you can think of that you would want. Even the original dealer invoice and build sheet. You can then schedule and record both routine and unscheduled maintenance and set reminders for all renewals and maintenance, so you never miss one again.

You can also record costs of parts, order parts, and even track issues as they arise so they can be addressed in the future. It really is a complete fleet management tool and once implemented, quickly becomes invaluable in running a professional fleet.

Brightfox is currently offering TranzMate for free to operators with less than five vehicles as they recognise that small owner operators and fleets may struggle with costs. For medium to large fleets, a 90 day trial is available as well. Simply go to tranzmate.com.au to find out more and to sign up for your free subscription, or your free trial.

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