Truckies name the most dangeorus road in Far North Queensland

Over the past few years opinion has been divided amongst truckies in the far north [of Queensland] about which is the most dangerous road to negotiate.

The nominations were the Gillies Highway, Palmerston Highway, Captain Cook Highway, the Kuranda Range stretch of the Kennedy, or the Rex Range, which runs from the Mossman turnoff to Julatten.

It used to be the winding Gillies Highway which runs from the Atherton Tablelands to near Gordonvale.

More recently a majority of drivers I spoke to leaned towards the Palmerston which takes you from the Tablelands to outside Innisfail.

Between March 31 and April 3, I got to travel them and found care is needed on all of these.

Kuranda Range and Rex Range are winding and have been the scene of many accidents.

I found that the Gillies seemed to have more overtaking and pull off areas compared to a few years ago.

In summary I would have to agree with a lot of drivers who reckon the Palmerston wins hands down these days.

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