Caravan driver has lucky escape after trying to pass road train

road train

A caravan driver and other road users have had a lucky escape from serious injury after this attempt to pass a road train in WA went horribly wrong.

The truckie shared the footage below of the Great Eastern Highway incident between Yellowdine and Coolgardie with Dash Cam Owners Australia.

“Caravan tried to overtake a road train as traffic was coming over the crest of the hill bit panicked and clipped truck on way back into the lane. All ok just shock and bruises,” the driver wrote.

WA Police said the 57-year-old male driver of the Ford Ranger was issued an infringement for overtaking when unsafe to do so.

“It was established the driver of a Ford Ranger utility, who was towing a caravan, attempted to overtake a Kenworth road train while driving east on Great Eastern Highway,” WA Police said in a statement.

“While overtaking the truck, two motorcycles approached from the opposite direction.

“The driver of the Ford Ranger attempted to pull in between the Kenworth truck they were overtaking and another truck that was further ahead; however, it will be alleged the driver clipped the front driver’s side of the Kenworth truck.

“Fortunately, the motorcycle riders were able to brake in time to avoid a collision.”

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