Scott’s demise impacts supply of frozen pies


Like many Aussie truck drivers, Spy loves a pie. So it was with some shock that I heard that the closure of Scott’s Refrigerated Logistics has affected the movement of one of Australian’s favourite foods.

I have lost count of the number of times I have seen a truckie emerge from a roadhouse with a “ dogs eye with dead horse” as the meat pie with tomato sauce is known in Aussie slang.

It is a staple part of the weekly diet for many of us.

But it seems that suppliers of frozen pies are struggling to get suitable alternative transport to deliver their frozen delicacies around Oz.

One company which makes 45,000 pies every day had found great difficulty in finding suitable transport.

Often at a roadhouse you will hear drivers discussing where the best pies can be found and a few places that quickly spring to mind are Banjo’s Bakeries in Tasmania and  Yatala in the City of Gold Coast.

But there are many more around the places that sell great and tasty pies.

Don’t forget the hundreds of fast food vans and pie carts around the country, many at which drivers who can find suitable parks nearby stop at.

One which comes to mind is Jesse’s Pie Van situated at a park at the entrance to Cardwell in north Queensland.

For decades Bob Jesse was parked near toilets near the Cardwell CBD and served truckies from all over.

They could find a park nearby but after a cyclone he had to move to the park but still has many truckie customers.

Whilst Jesse makes his pies fresh every day he still relies on supplies of ingredients being delivered by trucks.

And we continue to eat them despite health boffins telling us they are not really good for us.

Let’s hope this is a temporary problem as life without the humble pie would be different.

After all what would life be like if we had to say “bye to the pie?”

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