Taurus to break cover at 2023 Brisbane Truck Show

Australia’s first hydrogen fuel cell prime mover, the ‘Taurus’, will be officially unveiled on May 18 at the Brisbane Truck Show.

Developed by Australian clean energy company Pure Hydrogen Corporation, the new prime mover will begin its trial with global food & beverage conglomerate PepsiCo shortly after the truck show.

The 220kW 6×4 prime mover features state-of-the-art cabin interiors, a hydrogen refuelling point and a low-voltage power storage system. Designed in Australia, the future iterations of the prime mover will be equipped to handle B-double loads of up to 70 tonnes.

The Brisbane Truck Show marks the next step in Pure Hydrogen’s go-to market commercialisation strategy, with a live demonstration of the use-case for hydrogen powered commercial vehicles such as prime movers, garbage trucks and cement mixers to relevant industry participants.

“The forthcoming Taurus demonstration at the Brisbane Truck Show is the latest exciting step in our broader development strategy for hydrogen-powered vehicles in Australia,” said Scott Brown, Pure Hydrogen’s managing director.

“The live demonstration marks the culmination of a successful six-month co-development period, with no delays to the stated production timeline. With the first rollout of the Taurus now complete, we look forward to presenting in Brisbane and pursuing commercial discussions with potential customers. As well as our discussions with PepsiCo, interest from other parties has been most encouraging.

“A key part of Pure Hydrogen’s strategy is to provide hydrogen solutions to potential customers bringing both the devices and the hydrogen needed to power them to our customers. The Taurus marks an important step in this strategy.”

Pure Hydrogen is also developing Australia’s first Hydrogen Powered Garbage Truck to be trialled by JJ Waste and Recycling, which is on Pure Hydrogen’s broader hydrogen vehicle development strategy includes investments and partnerships with several companies domestically and internationally.

Pure Hydrogen also partly owns hydrogen vehicle company H2X Global, which is currently undergoing final testing and approvals in the European market for the Warrego, a 4WD hydrogen fuel cell-powered utility vehicle.

Check out a video of the Taurus prime mover below:

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