BTS 2023

The view from the sky

Ben Stamatovich, better known as The Drone Way is the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show Ambassador.

He makes his living driving the Nullarbor and has long been in love with the Bunda Cliffs along the Great Australian Bight.

Stamatovich’s foray into trucking started when he got a job as a forklift driver at the age of 25. “That’s when I started to get my shit together – and I worked my way up. I’ve been driving trucks for about 15 years and in road trains for the past 10.”

Stamatovich’s has already earned himself an amazing following, not just here in Australia, but right around the world.

Hopefully, you’ve discovered him on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. If you haven’t – now is your chance to join well over 100,000 others who have fallen for his stunning work.

His background story is equally compelling. Is it a redemption story? Maybe. It’s a story with some very dark moments, sadness, love and plenty of self-deprecating humour, all capped off with loads of inspiring resilience.

Stamatovich says the open road certainly gives you time to contemplate life and your place in it; now Ben does just that – but from a bird’s eye view.

His aerial shots are simply breathtaking and they’ve become a hot-ticket item. As you’d expect, driving across the Nullarbor offers some great subject matter for his drone work. 

“This drone, it was just a game changer,” he said. “I still had my bad days, but the distraction this drone’s got and from the beauty that it captures how can you not be positive.

“When I’m seeing it on the screen, it’s just beautiful and it’s changed my way of thinking.”

At the end of it all, we find ourselves with this wonderful Australian who is doing everything he can to not only make good, but to pay it forward.

The Brisbane Truck Show will host a gallery of Stamatovich’s work in the new Merchandise Alley. He will have a wide range of his most popular prints on display and for sale plus calendars and other collectibles.

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