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Two special offers from Natrad HDS

Natrad HDS is providing two very good reasons to upgrade your cooling system to an ADFUSE radiator core.

Offer #1

Customers who purchase an Adrad ADFUSE radiator from Natrad HDS from May 18 to June 30, 2023 will receive a Bonus $100 Gift Card. That’s a nice reward for upgrading to a stronger radiator with exceptional durability that helps to maximise its service life.

The ADFUSE construction process uses sophisticated robotic welding technology to individually fuse each tube to the header, producing a much stronger bond than traditional solder. Some radiator cores contain over 500 tubes with every tube welded at both ends. This means a single ADFUSE core can contain over 1000 individual welds. 

ADFUSE cores are available to suit all types of trucks. They come in 5/8” and Ultra-T configurations, providing maximum strength and durability in applications where high temperatures, stress and vibration occur. 

Ultra-T is a heavy-duty radiator design featuring close tube-row-pitch for a higher concentration of tubes. A greater number of tubes in the radiator core promotes greater cooling ability in applications that involve space restrictions. Paired with the durability of ADFUSE, the combination delivers unbeatable performance, durability and strength where demanding cooling is needed.

This is the ideal long-lasting, high-performance radiator for hard working engines in on-highway applications. Thousands of trucks across Australia have benefitted from upgrading to an ADFUSE radiator.

Reconditioned by Natrad HDS, this Kenworth Radiator has been fitted with a new Adrad ADFUSE core for improved strength and durability.

Offer #2

Natrad HDS are also running a special Kenworth Offer during the promotion. Drop off your old radiator which will be stripped down to have the tanks cleaned and repainted. A brand new Adrad ADFUSE KEN880-MAF core will be fitted along with new gaskets and all new fasteners. The completed unit will be pressure tested and painted – ready to install for just $5999. And yes, you do get a $100 gift card as well!

The special price Natrad HDS Kenworth Offer is only available for radiator reconditioning jobs using the Adrad KEN880-MAF core. This radiator core will suit Kenworth models including T408, T409, T900, T408SAR, T409SAR and T610SAR.

Buy now – Pay later

If this sounds like a really sweet deal but you’re a bit low on cash right now – don’t despair. Payment plans are available using ZipPay so you can buy now and pay later. Ask for details at your local Natrad HDS.

Visit the Natrad HDS stand at the Brisbane Truck Show at Plaza 360. For more information call 1800 437 723 or visit

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