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Heavy haul float applications from Loadmass

Loadmass now offers an app-based scale solution for hydraulic suspensions for heavy haul floats. The system uses Loadman hydraulic transducers connected to a Dual Can Coder with a bluetooth connection to an Android tablet or smartphone with a Loadman app downloaded.

The app will display the axle group weight, calibration and zeroing the scale system is all completed using the app.

Traditionally float suspensions are fitted with analogue gauges requiring the driver to convert a pressure reading to a weight. With the Loadman app the weight is displayed in kilograms.

Loadmass can also supply prime mover and dolly integrates scale systems from the Loadman range.

Rigid truck applications

With the chain of responsibility law for mass compliance the requirement for scale systems to suit rigid truck applications has increased considerably.

Loadmass is now supplying systems to government departments, local councils, fleet operators and owner operators.

Loadmass has systems to measure steer and drive axle group weights for both spring and air suspensions on rigid trucks.

The sensor technology for spring suspension used by Loadmass is built in house starting with the LMA530 Deflection Transducer for steer axles in 2007.

The LMA530 measures the deflection in the steer axle as the load increases. The unique design clamps to the axle and enables preload adjustments on the load cell. Over 1500 LMA530 Deflection Transducer kits have been sold since the introduction.

In 2019 Loadmass started building the LMA2020 Rotary sensor for spring suspensions with the release of a second version the LMA3030 a more compact design in 2020.

These sensors are used to measure spring travel to provide a weight reading. Suitable for both steer and drive axles.

TCA applications

Having participated in the TCA Approved applications beginning with Interim OBM in Queensland and IAP in NSW Loadmass is now a Smart OBM Supplier for the recent requirements for TMA in Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, and Queensland.

The Loadman product is basically the same since the first approved application installation.

Loadmass, trading as Loadman Australia, was the first supplier to obtain TCA Category A On-Board Mass Type Approval back in August 2018 with Category B Approval in January 2021.

The TCA Approved system is based on the Loadman LM300 Can Coder range, The ECU is the LM300 meter and the MSUs are The C317 Can Coder which are available in single, dual, triple, and quad sensor versions.

The company is providing TMA systems to fleets in the eastern states.

The Loadman LM300 was designed for multi-combination applications and can scale up to 7 axle groups plus the steer.

The LM300 Can Coder System provides a solution for truck and dog installations with an actual measured weight for steer axles using an LMA530 deflection transducer.

Visit Loadmass at the Brisbane Truck Show at Plaza 254, or call 02 9631 9199 or visit

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