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LELOX – It’s about more than just mudguards

When you think LELOX, what comes to mind?

Is it the bright and shiny stainless steel mudguards, or the exceptional strength, look and reliability of the mud- guard mounting accessories?

LELOX is an Australian manufacturer that produces all mudguards in-house. They are based in the Hawkesbury region of Sydney. They also boast an impressive foundry and CNC cutting machines.

A key to LELOX’s ongoing success is the ability to innovate, adapt and develop. A conscious effort is placed on all facets of the company to be proactive and speak up with new ideas and processes. This conscious effort has led to new products, new sales techniques, new programmes, new machinery and new operating efficiencies.

The newest product developed by LELOX is the Quick Release Mudflap Clamp. It is designed to release the mud flap from the tipper or mud- guard when enough tension is applied. It prevents damage occurring to mudflaps, mud- guards and chassis accessories by allowing the mudflap to fall away, saving operators time and money. All while still being bright and shiny to seamlessly compliment your truck. If you want the tough look that the Quick Release Clamp offers but don’t need the functionality, the Mudflap Coverstrip can be purchased. Check the product out at

The mindset of never resting on their achievements has pushed LELOX into new markets.

LELOX’s main division is truck accessories, however they have also diversified to include gaskets and seals, gardening, cutting and sourcing divisions and subsidiaries.

Their gaskets and seals di- vision supplies products to mining, industrial, construction and transport industries. They custom make specialty gaskets that are fit for purpose. The biggest being over two metres in diameter for some truly monstrous piping and ducting.

The gardening division sells hand garden tools through Garden Tools Australia. The tools are made in the same foundry, from the same mol- ten aluminium that creates truck products. This process means LELOX can market their garden tools as “indestructible”. Check them out at

The cutting division cuts all kinds of materials with a CNC waterjet cutting machine from engineered hardened steel, HDPE to rubber of all specifications and thicknesses.

They also have a subsidiary company that aids other Australian businesses in sourcing quality materials worldwide.

So what’s next for LELOX?

LELOX will be adding to their truck accessories product line in 2023. The next release will be a polish specifically designed for detailing stainless steel.

LELOX has also spent a considerable amount of time in research and development to perfect their manufacturing processes, allowing for more efficiency and quality.

But for now, LELOX strives to keep producing durable, reliable and shiny products. That’s how they make good trucks look great.

Visit LELOX at the Brisbane Truck Show at Plaza 367, or call 02 4577 2390 or visit

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