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vWork’s centralised dispatch and scheduling tool

Going the ‘extra mile’ has never been more important for retaining customers – particularly if what you deliver is perishable, time-bound or needs to meet critical compliance criteria. It has put the spotlight on the importance of ‘last- mile’ cartage; that crucial last leg delivery from your door to your customers. It is when delivering on-time, every time, is absolutely critical – and that is what vWork enables you to do.

vWork’s proven dispatch and scheduling software delivers an exceptional experience for your customers. It offers a single, centralised tool for scheduling, route optimisation and proof of delivery. It is also designed to be flexible, with templates that are configured to work the way you do and an enviable line-up of business tools vWork natively integrates with.

This includes popular accounting software such as MYOB, Xero and QuickBooks along with telematics providers such as Linxio, Webfleet and EROAD. Being able to integrate with existing business critical systems is vital for most vWork customers and something its API makes really easy.

Right goods, to the right place, at the right time – every time

vWork serves a range of customers but its sweet spot is those with high-value, mission critical deliveries. This can range between perishable food deliveries for a supermarket, through to construction materials that have to be delivered to a specific GPS coordinate on the site, at a certain time.

It has developed a comprehensive range of features dedicated to making the dispatcher’s life easy, driver compliance very simple and the customer’s experience exceptional.

This includes the ability for driver, dispatcher and customer to engage in three-way communication, so every- one is in the loop across any changes and can respond in real time.

According to Scott McLeod, managing director of long-time vWork custom- er, McLeod Cranes, keeping customers and field workers informed at every stage of a job is a breeze. “The automation of alerts, texts and emails means that our dispatchers can almost set and forget routine jobs and focus on managing exceptions. Our customers love this approach.”

See how vWork can deliver positive change

Real-time invoicing has been another recent innovation. Not only do you get the ability to prove job completion in the app, vWork now automatically generates an accurate invoice for your customer – in real time. This is a game changer for those running larger fleets with multiple daily deliveries. But that is just a small sample of what vWork can deliver as a last-mile, point-to- point cartage solution.

The Brisbane Truck Show is the perfect place to find out more about what they do – first hand. vWork is on stand 265 with a full-team of enthusiasts to share their extensive knowledge and insights on last-mile cartage: Paul Blackwell, Dean Oswald and Kelvin Raju.

For those who can’t make the show please check vWork out at Scheduling a Discovery Call is recommended as the best way to uncover exactly how vWork can change your world for the better – one delivery at a time – on time – every time.

Visit vWork at the Brisbane Truck Show at Plaza 265, or call 02 7286 1866 or visit

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