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Central tyre inflation ticks all the boxes

AIR CTI was developed over 20 years ago by Chet Cline. This was a time when other Central Tyre Inflation systems were expensive, complicated and unreliable. 

The main focus of AIR CTI was to improve traction, provide better tyre life and quality of ride. This also reduced the bad health effects of vibration upon drivers. There were big safety aspects as well. When tyre pressures were correctly matched to the size of the load being carried, stopping distances were shorter and pretty much every component in the truck would last longer. 

WA has the last reserve of bees that are disease free. It’s highly regulated and very pristine. The bee industry is an example of how the use of AIR CTI has made a big difference. In the past, bee keepers would travel to environmentally sensitive sites, then manually wheel in many hives by hand, which was a slow and arduous process. With AIR CTI providing improved traction and reduced vibration to hives, they are able to drive right to the site. Hive losses are much lower this way. Saving bees is just one example of the benefits AIR CTI can provide. 

AIR CTI has proven to be a game changer for the bee industry.

This reduction in road vibration has a big health benefit to drivers as well. Despite the addition of fancy seats in modern trucks, road vibration that comes from over-inflated tyres continues to be a contributing factor to poor health outcomes for drivers. 

Although Chet Cline is no longer with us, his legacy lives on in the AIR CTI company today. Chet was a visionary, ahead of his time. He was an awarded inventor with drive, zest for life and energy that many envied. Chet was passionate in his endeavours to create an enterprise that could help the entire transport industry. Improvements in safety and the environment were his reward. 

AIR CTI’s aim in business is to ensure that the customer always remains a priority. Informed dialogue, honest recommendations and a firm handshake form a stronger business relationship than words alone on a contract form. This is the philosophy Chet created, which remains embedded into every aspect of the AIR CTI enterprise. It’s how our valued team works every day. 

AIR CTI will be on hand at the Brisbane Truck Show to discuss the wide range of benefits of its central tyre inflation system – with our sales team, Rod Densley and Peter Davis, on hand to answer any questions about the benefits of this tyre inflation technology. 

I’m Wendy Cline, AIR CTI CEO. I look forward to seeing you at the show. I have had the privilege of being married and working side by side with Chet in this amazing industry. We shared common values and philosophies in life. 

Finally, I echo one of Chet’s favourite expressions, “I never did a day’s work in my life. It was all fun.” 

Visit AIR CTI at the Brisbane Truck Show at Foyer 25, or for more information visit or call 03 5127 6128.

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