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Next-gen eCanter makes Australian debut at Brisbane Truck Show


The lightning-fast electric evolution continues with the next-generation Fuso eCanter making its debut at the Brisbane Truck Show from May 18-21.

Fuso launched the first eCanter globally in 2017. It was the first OEM electric truck introduced locally in 2021 and has worked for big brands including Bunnings, Toohey’s, Centurion, Goldstar, Linfox and Australia Post.

The next-generation eCanter moves the needle further with a raft of new technology that demonstrates how quickly electric truck technology is moving, said Fuso.

These include a state-of-the-art eAxle electric Power Take Off (PTO), advanced safety, connectivity, boosted range and a bigger choice of models that covers different wheelbases, weight ratings and a choice of a City Cab or Wide Cab.

The eAxle is big highlight as it delivers big efficiency benefits and reduces weight. For the existing model, the power is fed through a driveshaft from an electric motor that sits just behind the cab to the drive axle. For the next generation eCanter, engineers have developed a drive axle that also houses the electric motor.

Another smart piece of technology is the electric PTO, which opens up a bunch of new opportunities for the new eCanter. It means that the new truck’s electric power can also be used to move things like a tipper body, crane, or fridge body.

The eCanter will come with factory connectivity that will allow fleet operators to see battery information, including charge level, remotely, along with a vast amount of other information.

There is a newly-developed eMotor that makes a maximum output of 129kW and 430Nm. The ‘engine brake’ system that slows the truck while harvesting energy at the same time now has four stages for even better control. This powerful system means that eCanter drivers can slow the truck in traffic, even to a complete stop, without having to touch the service brakes. The energy recouped also increases the range.

Like the existing model the new eCanter can be charged with regular AC charging technology, or a faster DC charging station.

There are new thermally-controlled battery packs available in three different sizes. Australian tests will soon be conducted with a fully loaded eCanter to determine how much the range has improved and to make it fit for our market.

Fuso has introduced a new look exterior, while the interior has been given a major freshen-up with a futuristic digital dash and upgraded steering wheel.

Customers will also have more choice, with 14 variants all up. The range will start at 4.5 tonnes and move up to 8.55 tonnes.

Order books open toward the end of the year.

  • Visitors to the Brisbane Truck Show can see the new eCanter at stand 44 on the foyer level.

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