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Secure a connected future with smart solutions

It’s easy to get stuck on the here and now, hustle and bustle of your business: How will you meet your deliveries on time when you’re short-staffed? Will that truck be fixed this week? Is there any wild weather predicted? 

While you answer these kinds of questions to keep the wheels of your business turning, a resilient and successful business relies on you asking long-term questions as well. How can I improve driver safety? How can you better track compliance? How can you maximise your staff’s time? How can I keep my drivers happy?

The answer to many of these kinds of questions can be answered by Teletrac Navman at the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show. Our trusted AI-powered solutions can deliver you actionable insights, helping to move your business confidently into the future. 

Look to the future: protect your drivers

Drivers are the backbone of any transport operation, so improving safety is the first thing to consider when you’re looking to future-proof your business. Teletrac Navman’s Smart Dashcam combines AI-smarts with telematics data and advanced onboard sensors to monitor and report on the environment inside and around your vehicles. It simultaneously reduces immediate risk and improves long-term safety outcomes. 

Risky driving behaviours such as harsh braking and cornering, speeding, following distance, and distracted driving are caught early before becoming habits by instantly providing audible warnings to drivers. This gives them the chance to correct their driving immediately to improve safety without the need for outside intervention. 

The solution comes equipped with built-in scorecard and coaching features, with all events displayed on a visual dashboard, giving drivers clear insight into their safety and performance and feedback to improve their on-road habits. The analytics can be used to invest in personalised, individual training. 

Simplify compliance with intelligent tech 

Ensuring compliance is essential to maintain worker safety and avoid regulatory issues while improving productivity and promoting business longevity. Yet, it can be very complicated for businesses to always stay on top of compliance when workers and assets are out on the road every day. Telematics and intelligent solutions can solve this problem by digitising and automating processes and providing visibility – making everyone’s lives easier. 

For example, Teletrac Navman’s TCA-approved Smart On-Board Mass (Smart OBM) and Telematics Monitoring Application (TMA) provide road managers with the knowledge that you and other operators are doing the right thing by monitoring location and mass in real time. 

The data also allows operators to run trucks at Higher Mass Limits (HML) and access an extended road network, allowing for larger vehicle combinations, improving productivity, and creating safer and more efficient road networks for all.

Get connected with our industry experts

By leveraging intelligent telematics, you can connect your fleet and streamline processes across your entire operation – meaning nothing is overlooked and everything works together for a seamless, future-proofed business. 

If you’re ready to secure your business’ connected future with telematics, you’ll have the full support of Teletrac Navman’s team of specialists, helping you take the next steps with confidence.  

Meet some of our industry experts at the Teletrac Navman display at the Brisbane Truck Show (at Foyer 104). For more information, visit or call 1300 111 477.

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