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All roads lead to JOST

BFP Engineering’s decision to manufacture its bitumen spray tanks with JOST’s Rockinger couplings, tow eyes and double row ball races fitted has proven to be a worthy decision in the long run.

Based in Narangba, Queensland, BFP Engineering has been operating for over 25 years as an OEM vehicle manufacturer, with its experience in the bitumen industry surpassing well over 40 years.

BFP Engineering began manufacturing anything to do with bitumen cartage or bitumen spraying in 1994, and it still carries out these operations today. The only difference is major advancements in technology have aligned reputable companies like JOST to the final product.

“We’ve been using JOST equipment since 2015,” said BFP engineering general manager, Peter Smith. “We supply and fit JOST’s Rockinger tow couplings to the back of all of our bitumen spray vehicles. Also, our dog trailers have got the JOST ball race turntables and bolt-on tow eyes fitted to them.”

BFP Engineering manufactures its bitumen spray tanks with JOST’s Rockinger couplings, tow eyes and double row ball races.

Smith says the reliability of JOST’s equipment was a major factor contributing to his original dealings and product availability has certainly played in favour too.

“They’re easier for servicing and they’re easier to get parts for as well,” he says. “If it does need repair or anything, they’re easier to service and the parts are usually pretty easy to get through JOST. Their components are of very high quality and they come with excellent backup too. If we do have a problem, we can talk to the people that make them and they will do something about it.”

By adapting to changes and techniques in the bitumen industry over the years, BFP Engineering has stayed at the top of its game. This was seen most recently with pelletised rubber in the form of old car tyres being approved for use in asphalt mix.

“We’re seeing a lot more wear and tear on equipment because of the additives they’re putting in the bitumen,” said Smith. “With the weight of rubber compared to bitumen, it does tend to settle in tanks, especially on long haul operations. So, we have had to slightly change the way we are doing things. And we’re still going through changes now, but there needs to be a lot more research and development done on it. We’ve made some changes, but how effective they are will be seen in the next couple of years.”

BFP is also heavily involved with new developments in the Dangerous Goods (DG) industry. By constantly reviewing DG and Australian Design Rules (ADR) regulations, it has kept its vehicles up to date with evolving standards.

JOST has also played a major part in BFP’s latest innovations, by supplying a reliable product with benefits for everyone involved in the transaction of a bitumen sprayer.

Smith added, “It’s just a good product, it is reasonably priced, and their technical backup is unmatched. The people we deal with are there for us, and if I get a question from one of our customers it’s dealt with straight away. There’s instant response on any problems – not that we’ve had any. 

“They also look after us for pricing because we’re an OEM manufacturer, and we pass that on to our customers.”

Because of JOST’s great aftersales service, Smith says BFP’s customers are delighted to have JOST products fitted to their combinations.

“The customers are very happy with them,” he said. “We’ve had several people that have wanted to use different types of towing equipment in different sizes, and JOST have always helped us out with suggestions and they steer us in the right path. So, they’re pretty good with our queries as well.

“At the end of the day, JOST is excellent with their product knowledge, and we can rely on them for any new or different types of equipment.” 

Visit the JOST display at the Brisbane Truck Show at Foyer 91, or for more information call 1800 811 487 or visit

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