Bridge replacement program to improve heavy vehicle access

Thirteen timber bridges in the Port Macquarie Hastings Council area, on NSW’s Mid North Coast, will be replaced with concrete bridges, opening them up to use by heavier vehicles.

The works will be carried out over the next 12 months, as part of a $21 million program of works, largely funded under the NSW Government’s Fixing Country Bridges Program.

The new concrete structures will provide greater flood resilience, reduce future ongoing maintenance costs for PMHC and increase connectivity by allowing increased vehicle load limits.

Works have begun this week at the Logans Crossing Bridge, which was of high priority after this important road connection for the area was lost during the March 2021 flood event.

The new concrete structures, including nine bridges and four culverts, will be built to current Australian standards.

The bridges that will be replaced are:

Major bridges

  • Logans Crossing Bridge – Logans Crossing
  • King Creek Bridge – King Creek
  • Little Mortons Creek Bridge – Mortons Creek
  • Bottlebrush No 1 – Bril Bril Rd – Rollands Plains
  • Langdons Bridge – Bottlebrush No 2 – Bril Bril Rd – Rollands Plains

Minor bridges or culverts

  • Joes Bridge – Bobs Creek Road – Bobs Creek
  • Cuttys Bridge – Bobs Creek Road – Bobs Creek
  • Crowe Roods Bridge – Bellangry Road – Mortons Creek
  • Farrawells Road Bridge – Farrawells Road – Pembrooke
  • Old School Road Bridge – Old School Road – Herons Creek (includes additional Grant Funding through Bridge Renewal Prgram – Federal Government)
  • Tower Road Bridge – Tower Road – Pembrooke
  • Donkins Flat Bridge – Wingham Road – Comboyne (includes additional Grant Funding through Bridge Renewal Prgram – Federal Government)
  • Thone River Road Bridge – Thone River Road – Byabarra

“These bridges are built of concrete and other newer materials, making them stronger and able to carry heavier freight loads, and in some cases they are wider and higher,” explained NSW Minister for Regional Transport and Roads, Jenny Aitchison.

“Overall, they will be more resilient and will cost council less to maintain in the long term.”

Council has engaged two Major Contractors (Saunders Civilbuild, and Eire Constructions) to complete the works across two separate Contract packages. The full PMHC Fixing Country Bridges Program of works is anticipated to be open to traffic by early-2024.

“Replacing ageing timber bridges forms a significant part of our commitment to continue the delivery of key road and bridge infrastructure across the LGA,” said PMHC group manager for project delivery Chris Favaloro.

“Courtesy of NSW and Australian Government funding, as well as council investment, the replacement of these 13 structures will help reduce long-term maintenance costs to Council, and provide improved safety for pedestrians, vehicles and cyclists.

“It will also improve traffic flow and access for businesses and residents, and provide greater resilience to future natural disasters.”

Port Macquarie Hastings Council’s Fixing Country Bridges Program is co-funded, with $21,085,000 million funded by the NSW State Government, $385,000 from the Australian Government’s Bridges Renewal Program and $500,000 funded by PMHC.

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