Daimler Truck issues recall notice for 7925 Fuso Canters


Owners of 7925 Fuso Canters in the year range 2019-2022 are being contacted by Daimler Truck to have a software fault rectified.

Due to the defect, trucks installed with electric brake pad wear indicators, equipped on all-wheel disc brakes, the brake pad wear warning light on the dash may illuminate prematurely.

The affected variants are FEA, FEB, and FEC.

Brake pad wear indicators not working as intended could lead to an unsafe driving condition, Daimler Truck said.

“Owners of affected vehicles will be contacted by Daimler Truck to have their vehicle rectified, free of charge,” the notice added.

For more information and VIN details, click here, phone 1800 033 557, and/or email

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