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It’s the lightest heavy-duty vehicle transmission

Eaton Vehicle Group has served the Australian truck and automotive industry for over 60 years and continues to provide innovative products, services and value deliverable solutions.

Eaton Vehicle Group’s key products include manual and automated transmissions, clutches, hybrid systems, super chargers, engine valves, locking and limited-slip differentials, and power management controls and protection for electric vehicles. 

The Eaton Vehicle Group team in Australia are the most accessible, experienced and expert drivetrain representatives. The team provides a comprehensive aftermarket service which includes local remanufacturing of heavy-duty transmissions, supply of genuine parts, and is structured to deliver exceptional customer support by offering in-depth technical training, engineering, parts interpretation and customer service.

Eaton will be using the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show to showcase their latest suite of vehicle solutions and latest technology releases. 

The 2023 show will be the first chance for the wider industry and Australian public to view the new 18 speed Automated Manual Transmission (AMT), the Endurant XD Pro. The new AMT was recently released by the Eaton-Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies joint venture. 

Specifically designed and engineered for higher GCM applications, the new Endurant XD Pro is the lowest weight transmission Eaton has released for heavy duty commercial vehicles. The Endurant XD Pro also uses a new “extreme-duty clutch”, a single plate self-adjusting clutch with organic facing material allowing for improved launch control, and this clutch will also be on display for keen eyes to inspect.

Accompanying the new 18 speed AMT will be the Endurant HD 12 speed AMT, and a MD 4-speed automated gearbox specifically designed for electric vehicle applications. Eaton have long been renowned for developing robust transmissions tailored to meet Australia’s unique operating environments, and in offering a preview of future technology now available, Eaton is demonstrating the full spectrum of solutions available for changing demands of the future. 

With a growing trend for alternate fuels and powertrains, Eaton will also have a diverse display of vehicle solutions, including a range of products from Eaton’s eMobility for vehicle power management and control. Eaton’s eMobility range of power management and protection products will include a range of power converter/inverters, supercapacitors, and circuit protection technology.

Eaton’s extensive portfolio of vehicle solutions are designed to help keep you moving and provide maximum uptime so you can keep your mind on the road. 

For more information and to see these products, they will be on display at the Brisbane Truck Show at the Eaton Vehicle Group stand in the main exhibition hall, Foyer 93 – or call 1300 432 866 or visit

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