BTS 2023

Krueger celebrates 45 years of manufacturing

At this year’s Brisbane Truck Show, Krueger Transport Equipment will be celebrating and showcasing 45 years of manufacturing our quality Krueger products. This is in addition to celebrating the 25 year anniversary of Krueger’s own RFS Suspension. 

Pioneered by John Krueger, the development of Krueger products is forever ongoing as we look at ways to make the product better for drivers, fleet owners and operators in line with the standards of the industry and the conditions of the Australian environment.  

Krueger has always been known for its world class engineering and construction – and that’s not just in the overall construction of our trailers, but the genuine Krueger products adorning our trailers, and adopted by others over the last 45 years.

The development of Krueger products is forever ongoing.

No product is more celebrated than our RFS Suspension that is specifically designed for Australian conditions. Its robust construction and ease of use and servicing is why many owner-operators and major fleet services choose Krueger. At this year’s Brisbane Truck Show, our unique stand will give visitors a chance to see the Krueger RFS Suspension, as you usually wouldn’t see it, and get a chance to get up close and personal with the product.

In addition we have a very exciting visual site, where all of Krueger will be on display so you can learn more about how Krueger works across its many sub-brands such as Krueger National Serving, National Spare Parts and ATR (Advantage Truck Rentals).

We look forward to having many visitors through the stand over these four days, and for those who can’t make it to the show, please visit us at or on our socials on Instagram and Facebook for updates throughout the event.

Visit the Krueger Transport Equipment stand at the Brisbane Truck Show at Foyer 155. For more information call 03 8331 6100.

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