BTS 2023

Engineered for excellence

Leading braking and friction material specialist, Bendix, will display a broad range of its commercial vehicle product range at this year’s Brisbane Truck Show.

Marketed under the ProTrans banner, the range includes disc brake pads, brake shoe kits and the special heavy-duty ProTrans HD disc brake pads, designed for extreme applications. 

ProTrans – engineered excellence

Range-wide advantages of ProTrans include improved surface technology, high temperature resistance and reduced wear rates which all contribute to reliable and high-performance braking as well as reduced running costs. A further benefit of the range is reduced brake noise, while mechanics and workshops will also appreciate the easy installation aspects of the product.

At the heart of the range is Bendix’s adoption of high-quality friction materials which are essential to meet the braking requirements of modern commercial vehicles – the pads provide a strong, predictable friction level regardless of the temperature, speed or axle load. There’s also titanium bedding-in technology to ensure a positive pedal feel right from new.

Bendix understands the enormous forces that come into play when heavy vehicles brake under load, and have developed products that have been extensively tested in Australia’s most difficult operating environments and climatic conditions to meet these requirements. 

The range also meets ECE Regulation 90 (ECE-R90). This measure specifies the design, construction, performance requirements and test protocols for strict European regulations. This includes testing for braking capabilities, speed sensitivity, cold performance and other parameters.

Bendix’s Ultimate 4WD Big Brake Upgrade Kit includes all the components needed to significantly improve braking performance.

Ultimate 4WD range

Recognising that many customers who operate heavy commercial vehicles also have light commercials and four-wheel-drives on fleet, Bendix will exhibit a large range of equipment to suit these vehicles at BTS.

The Ultimate 4WD range includes Brake Upgrade Kits, Big Brake Upgrade Kits and Brake Drum Upgrade Kits. Additionally, Bendix offer a Brake Booster Upgrade as well as high performance 4WD Brake Pads and Disc Brake Rotors that can be purchased as standalone items, outside of the kit.

All products within the Ultimate 4WD range have been developed and engineered in Australia to meet demanding local conditions and are ideal for hard-working four-wheel drives. The range provides much improved braking performance, particularly for vehicles carrying the extra weight of accessories, tool boxes, work equipment and trailers, which can place huge added strain on standard OEM braking packages.  

Visit the Bendix stand at the Brisbane Truck Show at Foyer 191. For more information call 1800 819 666 or visit

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