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Cablecraft’s unmatched quality of push-pull cables

Established in 2010 in Brendale, just north of Brisbane, Cablecraft Australia is the Australian and New Zealand distributor of Cablecraft Engineered Motion Controls USA, which has a history that dates back to 1950.

Since then, Cablecraft has continued to develop the broadest and most sophisticated line of push-pull cables and associated equipment to meet the requirements of industrial control specifications.

According to managing director, Rob Gallagher, Cablecraft is dedicated to providing a range of products unmatched in quality and customer service.

For applications where ultra-smooth, efficient, precision operation is the main requirement, the patented low friction push-pull control cable is the ideal solution. This unique product has introduced a new dimension to remote control operation, combining a Teflon-coated sliding inner-member and a continuous nylon-lined stranded metal conduit.

The low friction control performs efficiently in a wide range of temperature extremes, making it perfect for conditions Australian operators are faced with.

Many cable control applications demand smooth operation and high load-carrying capability, but do not have high efficiency or severe environmental requirements. For such applications, the Cablecraft UTILITY and Bristow control cables are most suitable.

Cablecraft also manufactures a Manual Transmission Shift (MTS) system to replace the cumbersome and maintenance prone rod linkage commonly used in cab over and rear engine buses.

As the need has increased, vehicles have become more refined to include the complexities of floating cabs, curb noise restrictions and specialty vehicles of all types.

Cablecraft manufactures a Clutch Booster to decrease pedal effort. We supply on an OEM level and to the end user.

Clutch Booster systems reduce manual loads on lever pedals, increase machine life and dependability, reduce operator fatigue, reduce maintenance requirements, and can be used with Cablecraft Cables.

Cablecraft also manufactures a range of control head and pull-only mechanical cables.

SRE Australia

Under the brand SRE Australia, Cablecraft manufactures a range of spherical rod end and ball joints; available in imperial and metric options, in both male and female configurations.

They are also available in various material types: aluminium, carbon steel, chrome moly, and stainless steel.

Mobile Control Systems (MCS)

Mobile Control Systems manufactures a range of programmable electronic throttle controls for industrial diesel and CNG engines, electric motors, and hybrid drive systems.

Approved by most of the popular industrial engine manufacturers, thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, MCS has rapidly become a preferred supplier to many construction, mining, handling, and agricultural equipment manufacturers as well as bus, coach and military vehicle manufacturers.

The new generation of MCS CAN position sensors have also been developed to ISO 26262, for all automotive electronics and the electrical (E/E) safety-related system FuSa.

The proposed MCS Angular is an ASIL C Safety Element out of Context (SEooC). Such throttle control units can be used in a wide range of on and off highway applications to handle electronic complexity, save cost and increase safety.

MCS is a global leader in innovative throttle control units to service a diverse range of motion control applications and markets, inc. heavy-duty trucks.

Visit Cablecraft at the Brisbane Truck Show at Stand Mezzanine 225, or call 07 3881 0400 or visit cablecraft


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