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Changing the face of tyre management

Truck Art Trailers remains at the forefront of custom livestock trailer manufacturing and has acted on the key issues continually reported by heavy vehicle owners and drivers, maintaining tyre pressures, minimising loss time through punctures and tyre blowout and reducing the risk to other road users through serious tyre loss via delamination and shredding. 

Truck Art Trailers has implemented an innovative approach to mitigating this major issue through the use of a Constant Tyre Inflation System (CTI) that out-performs any other CTI system available across the country. 

Tyre pressure management and associated risks are not isolated to the trucking industry as this also impacts the larger passenger vehicles used in the public domain where public safety, liability and reliability are ongoing issues.

Truck Art Trailers is now the Australian importer of the Vigia Constant Tyre Inflation system. The Vigia Constant Tyre inflation system provides ongoing monitoring of tyre pressures and the ability to maintain cold set tyre pressure during a puncture situation. The system also has the ability to close off rapid air loss due to the loss of a tyre through shredding or delamination, protecting the remaining trailer functions dependant on air.

Currently in the final stages of development is a new Vigia Constant Tyre Inflation system that also has the ability to lower tyre pressure to suit harsh driving conditions (dirt roads) and then reinflate the tyres to cold set tyre pressures on-the-run via the push of a button situated in the cab.

Truck Art Trailers is now the Australian importer of the Vigia Constant Tyre Inflation system.

In the background, Vigia has been running a pilot program for a Vigia Constant Tyre Inflation system that has been paired with the GESTYA GPS system to allow remote monitoring of tyre pressures, slow leaks, punctures, and extreme air-loss back at the office. This can all be achieved while still providing the driver with the same data via a dash mounted digital monitor. This approach will change the face of tyre management, extend tyre life and place the driver more in-control as the vehicle moves across the Australian highway and regional road network.  

With ever increasing pressure from government bodies and insurance companies to minimise risk across the transport industry, the Vigia Constant Tyre Inflation System (CTI) is quickly becoming the go-to CTI for risk management and tyre life management across the heavy vehicle and large passenger vehicle industries.

The Vigia Constant Tyre Inflation system and GESTYA GPS system has been trialled across a number of countries with similar road and terrain networks to the conditions experienced in Australia. Trial results have been outstanding and Truck Art looks forward to releasing this innovative approach to risk management and tyre pressure management in the future.

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