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Bulldog’s first major Aussie outing

While the Mack Superliner is an iconic truck under the Bulldog banner, it’s the company’s new Anthem model that will set its future course.

The next-generation Bulldog is here and the Anthem is that for Mack. Just take a look at its sleeker, more aerodynamic design in comparison to the big, and muscular, Macks that have come before it.

After years in the US, the Anthem finally arrived in Australia in 2021. Had it not been for Covid, the Anthem would have been on display in full at the previous truck show but will now have its first major Australian outing at the 2023 event.

The Anthem has a keen focus on safety and comes loaded with the Bendix Wingman Fusion safety system as standard.

It is also one of the most fuel-efficient Macks ever, thanks to tweaks to the MP8 engine and the mDrive transmission, which now talk more seamlessly to each other, and its new aerodynamic cabin.

It is one of the most fuel-efficient Macks ever, thanks to tweaks to the MP8 engine and the mDrive transmission.

Speaking of cabins, you’ll find plenty of room inside the Anthem. In fact, the new stand-up sleeper has 35 per cent more space than previous cabins with the intention to provide the operator with a more comfortable rest experience.

The Anthem is still ‘Mack’ enough to appeal to rusted-on Bulldog lovers but will also provide the luxuries that come with modernisation. With Mack’s parent company Volvo Group leading the way with the latest technologies, it’s safe to say that Mack is in safe hands for the future.

The Anthem will also be centre stage during the show due to a Guinness World Record for the largest truck made from LEGO bricks to celebrate 60 years of manufacturing in the western corridor of Brisbane.

Professional LEGO builder Ben Craig will be using close to a million pieces at his Gold Coast studio to achieve the record build of a life-size Mack Anthem.

Measuring 4m high, 2m wide, and 8m long, the truck will take two months to build before it is displayed at South Bank Parklands. This compares to just six days for a real Mack Anthem.

The finishing touches will be added live in front of the public at the Brisbane show.

Visit the Mack display at the Brisbane Truck Show at Foyer 49, or call 07 3718 3313 or visit

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