World’s biggest fuel road train hits the road

With a whopping capacity of 158,000 litres, this new PBS quad road train is the world’s biggest fuel road train combination to date.

Produced by Tieman Tankers, the 56.5m long combination features the manufacturer’s patent pending turntable connection that ensures all Performance-Based Standards (PBS) measures, including rearward amplification at speed, are met.

With a gross combination mass (GCM) of 186.5 tonnes the quad train offers increased productivity for Recharge Petroleum, the BP fuel distributor in the Northern Territory and northern Western Australia.

The quad train offers increased productivity for Recharge Petroleum.

The combination was built within the PBS limits of up to 60m, and travels at 90km/h with load and 100km/hr when empty.

Roll coupling all four tankers eliminates the risk of the rear tanker rolling over due to the special designed horizontal drawbar with skid plate and king pin.

At the helm is a T909 Kenworth with a powerful 600Hp X15 Cummins engine.

The Northern Territory Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics was instrumental in allowing the innovative combination to hit the roads.

All key performance factors were evaluated by both independent PBS simulations prior to build as well as the physical on road trials when loaded.

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