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Delivering on service and continuing to drive results

Established since 1907, QTA has a long history of providing valuable advocacy and personal service and support to road freight operators delivering around and into Queensland.

Our membership comprises fleets of all sizes and from all sectors of the road freight industry. Predominantly an employer association, fleet owners join the QTA with the confidence that we will take the lead to confront the major industry issues with a professional and strategic advocacy approach. 

In 2023, our advocacy priorities will be focussed on much-needed industry reform of minimum standards and policy decisions that must include improved policy settings for the freight industry including asset investment, taxation, fuel taxes and training subsidies to name a few.

With tight profitability across the industry there have been several notable businesses failing across the country this year. Action needs to be taken by the government and key stakeholders to ensure that transport costs are respected and equitable for everyone to sustain this vital sector that underpins the Australian economy.

The road freight industry has relied upon improved efficiencies through bigger trucks and productivity gains to remain viable, however there has been little done in the setting of minimum standards to ensure freight costs are understood and respected within the supply chain. The introduction of minimum standards within the road freight industry will form a large part of our advocacy efforts as we aim to shape this important reform. For many years the QTA has been active in the Industrial Relations space through ARTIO, and unlike many other associations, this affords us the opportunity to be at the coalface of advocacy with government. With the QTA’s trusted reputation, you can be confident that we will be lobbying to shape minimum standards that are inclusive of important considerations for both employers and employees. 

Through our specialist team of dedicated long-serving staff, we also provide members with support across all areas of their business, with a particular focus on employment and industrial relations services, compliance support, advice on implementation of the HVNL, workplace health and safety, workforce planning, training, and skilling services.

In addition, we undertake projects that provide additional value to your membership. Our current projects include Heavy Vehicle Safe Driver Project, First on Scene Incident Response Training for Truck Drivers, Digital Literacy for Truck Drivers, Get In2 Transport and Logistics Program and Livestock Handling Program.

As a QTA member you can be assured we have a genuine commitment to providing services that deliver results for your business. Our point of difference is our personal approach and our commitment that you receive personal contact with our specialist staff regularly throughout the year. Our team provides reliable and responsive service with whatever issues you encounter in your business, and we commit to doing our very best to support you wherever you are in Australia. 

As fleet owners and employers, we encourage all road freight operators to join an industry association that you can trust to support your business and the viability, safety, and profitability of the industry in a personal and professional manner. QTA are ready to warmly welcome you.

Our Membership Team will be available during the Truck Show and can be contacted on 0405 152 952 to arrange a time to have a conversation. 

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