Like a dating app for trucks

The Australian haulage industry is vital to the country’s economy, providing essential transport services for businesses across various industries. The industry has undergone a significant transformation, adopting new technologies and innovations to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness. One such innovation is haulage marketplaces, which have gained popularity in recent years due to their many benefits for businesses.

Loadlink is an Australian haulage marketplace that connects shippers and carriers online, allowing them to exchange goods and services efficiently and transparently. Loadlink was created because we wanted to make finding freight and listing loads easier and more streamlined than ever before.

Technology adoption has the potential to transform the industry by improving operational efficiency and reducing costs. One such feature introduced by Loadlink is Loadlink’s load matching algorithm that can connect shippers and carriers automatically online. 

Another exciting feature is the carrier profile page, where carriers can create an online profile showcasing their transport business. They can also store truck types and configurations for easy load matching and future repeat business. 

Loadlink is not just a load listing platform to help you find freight, it is an integrated system that allows operators to also list their truck, then Loadlink’s clever system automatically matches the truck with the listed freight. It’s just like a dating app for trucks! 

We also have many other new and exciting features we are building in the background which we will launch in the coming months. 

The Australian haulage industry has rapidly embraced new technologies to improve its operational efficiency and competitiveness. With advancements in digital technology, automation and data analytics, the industry is transforming to meet the increasing demands of customers for faster, safer and more cost-effective freight delivery. 

By using Loadlink, businesses can gain a range of benefits, including: 

Loadlink can help businesses save money by enabling them to compare prices and choose the most cost-effective carrier for their shipments. The marketplace can also help businesses find carriers with spare capacity willing to offer discounts to fill their trucks. 

Enable carriers to maximise their return by filling empty space on their truck or by obtaining backload freight to get them to their next major pick-up point. 

We can help businesses optimise their logistical procedures by accessing a wide selection of carriers, comparing prices and controlling their shipments from a single platform. Time is saved, and the hassle of keeping track of various pages and shipments is lessened, thanks to Loadlink. 

Loadlink enables businesses to access a wider content of carriers, including local carriers, regional carriers and national carriers. This can help businesses find carriers best suited to their needs and offer the most cost-effective and efficient services.

Using Loadlink can give businesses greater logistics operations flexibility. They can choose from various carriers, manage their shipments in real-time and adjust their logistics strategies.

Loadlink was created by Australian transport operators, for the Australian transport industry, pooling over 50 years of transport and logistics experience into one simple online platform.

Since our launch in January this year we have already accumulated over 250 registered users, with new businesses joining the Loadlink family every day.

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