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Limited edition truck launched for Actros’ 25th anniversary

Mercedes-Benz Trucks is celebrating 25 years of its Actros in Australia with the launch of a special limited edition anniversary model at the Brisbane Truck Show, which runs from May 18-21 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Since it debuted locally in 1998, the Actros has introduced several technical innovations and set a number of milestones. These include being the first truck with radar-based Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) technology, the first with Electronic Stability Control (ESC), the first with SAE Level 2 Automation and the first heavy truck with a complete range of engines meeting the Euro 6 standard.

The Actros is now in its fifth generation and has established a strong reputation for fuel efficiency and safety leadership.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its Australian presence at the Brisbane Truck Show with three different trucks. These include the fully-electric eActros, a new 13-litre Actros that delivers fuel savings of up to four per cent and a special Actros 25 Driver Edition.

This limited edition Actros 25 Driver Edition truck is based on the 16-litre 2663 Actros and features a dark grey metallic paint scheme matched with Alcoa Dura-Bright wheels and a raft of upgrades that ensure it stands out on the highway. Beyond the visual upgrades, there is also a list of comfort features to make life on the road easier.

The Actros 25 Driver Edition features the Gigaspace cab, which is taller and provides more headroom and space for front-mounted cabinets above the windscreen. One of these cabinets includes a microwave.

On the rear wall of the cab, there are two beds including a fixed bed at the bottom and folding bunk at the top. Below the bottom bed are twin fridges that are within easy reach of the driver.

The special truck features luxurious leather-seats, a leather wrapped steering wheel and woodgrain trim. A bunk curtain, with Mercedes-Benz logo, is also provided.

On the outside, the unique truck is distinguished by a light-bar with driving lights, stainless steel steps, large Actros branding on the rear exterior wall of the cab and Actros 25 Driver Edition graphics. An illuminated Mercedes-Benz logo and Actros 2663 badging are finished in dark chrome along with grille inserts adding to the truck’s stylish appearance.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Australia Pacific director, Andrew Assimo, says Mercedes-Benz Trucks wanted to do something special to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Australian Actros.

“The Actros has become legendary for its fuel efficiency, its safety and comfort throughout the quarter of a century that it has worked on Australian roads. This special edition reflects a long list of features that drivers often request in a stylish package that really makes a statement and we know they won’t last long,” he said.

“Our presence at the show demonstrates an exciting future for the Actros and our customers. We are leading the way on the path to zero emission trucking with the ground-breaking fully-electric eActros, but also highlighting our work to continue improving our diesel offering with a 13-litre model that delivers fuel savings of up to four per cent,” Assimo continued.

“Either way, the Actros will continue to lead with new innovation and proven technology that gives our customers an edge.”

The 2663 features the top-of-the-line 630hp 16-litre six-cylinder OM473 engine linked to the latest generation 12-speed Automated Manual Transmission (AMT).

It comes with the Predictive Powertrain Control system, which uses topographical information, including pre-mapped three-dimensional GPS data, to enable the truck to make the best, and most economical choice of throttle application and gear selection. This includes saving fuel by coasting for long periods.

The Actros 25 Driver Edition also features Active Drive Assist technology, which helps to actively steer the truck and keep it in the centre of its lane, although the driver is still required to hold the steering wheel.

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