‘Our driver did nothing wrong’: Real story behind WA viral video

viral video

The company whose two-up team was caught on a dashcam clip depicting a dangerous passing manoeuvre in WA is adamant that their driver did nothing wrong.

In a statement released to Big Rigs, a Freeman Freighters spokesperson said the video that was first shared on the Facebook page WA Truckies and Big Rigs (not this masthead) and then around Australia, including on TV news outlets, doesn’t tell the full story.

A Freeman Freighters spokesperson said that at the time the two-up team was travelling west from Coolgardie behind two trucks, a rigid and a white semi-trailer, at a speed of between 80-90km/h.

“The rigid vehicle has ‘flicked’ our truck to overtake them whilst they were travelling witih separation lines, allowing an overtaking procedure,” the spokesperson said.

“When our truck left the lane and proceeded to perform the overtaking manoeuvre, they moved to the right lane and commenced passing the rigid truck and semi.

“Approximately half-way through the manoeuvre both the rigid truck and semi increased speed and forced our vehicle to remain in the right lane, blocking any position to return to the left lane.

Freeman Freighters says its driver attempted to return to the right lane which was blocked and then again tried passing the two vehicles, which was eventually completed without an incident.

“Another vehicle was approaching their location from the west, saw the situation and parked to the side of the road and no person was put in danger.

“Our driver was quite angry at the actions of the other drivers of the rigid truck and semi trailer, however did not abuse or retaliate in any fashion.”

Freeman Freighters says it received video footage later in the evening which did support the position its driver was placed in, but that clip did not show the preceding actions leading up to the incident.

As far as Freeman Freighters is aware, WA Police have not been contacted and are not investigating the incident.

The company prides itself on its safety procedures.

“The safety of our people and freight are of paramount importance to us,” says the Freeman Freighters website.

“Each member of our team adheres to the same core beliefs, following strategic and systematic approaches in everyday business.

“We believe successful operating networks consist of both effective and consistent organisation and precaution measures, preventing all possible injuries whilst delivering first class service. Each of our staff has the appropriate certification and experience, beyond the regular logistics provider’s satisfaction.”

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