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2023’s top tech trends: The ultimate secret in savings

As we step into Q2 of 2023, let’s take a moment to applaud the scores of non-techie tradies and fleet owners who have led the charge in adopting 2023’s innovative tech trends to streamline their operations, boost safety, and increase profitability.

The leaps and bounds made in AI- powered solutions, telematics and smart cameras have made asset and fleet management, and driver safety easy to navigate, enabling even the small-scale operators to benefit from these cutting-edge technologies.

The great news, this tech is not reserved for big businesses and enterprises – it’s there for the taking by anyone with the courage to embrace the power of technology. With the right partner, tech adoption is easy, WHG your partner in technology, with you every step of the way, is here to help.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and road safety 

It’s not driverless trucks or the android pilots that will set the world ablaze with innovation. It’s something far more intriguing and attainable – the power of AI safety and efficiency in everyday transportation is here.

As one of the leading causes of deaths in Australia, road safety is a critical issue. In recent years, distracted driving has become a major concern for fleet managers, who must ensure the safety of their drivers and the public. Fortunately, AI in telematics is making significant strides in improving road safety by addressing the issues of fatigue, distracted driving and predicting road incidents. In addition to distracted driving detection, technology in WHG’s FleetCAM offers a range of other features that contribute to overall road safety. These include live video streaming, driver behavior monitoring, and GPS tracking. By providing real-time visibility of their fleet, fleet managers can ensure that their drivers are following safe driving practices, such as obeying speed limits, using seatbelts, and avoiding harsh braking, plus being able to back your driver in the case of a road incident. AI has the power to also enhance utilistion, boost productivity and cultivate better on-road behavior.

Trailer tracking and non-powered assets

The challenge of managing trailer and non-powered assets can be costly and time consum- ing. Users of new innovations in solar powered tracking have reported improved utilisation, reducing idle time, increased productivity, enhanced asset security plus streamlining office operations, resulting in significant cost savings in fleet management.

WHG’s Cat-M1 solar Tracking units provide real time information, are small, lightweight and can last up to 4 months between charges with a device life of around five years.

Mobile app simplifies chains of responsibility

Innovations in mobile app software have delivered the power of end-to-end control right in the palm of your hand. Fleet managers are shaving hours off tedious manual processes, streamlining maintenance schedules and avoiding costly breakdowns with WHG’s Asset Manager app, a digital-twin (your personal techy assistant) in your pocket. Popular features include pre-start checklists, asset documentation and GPS integration. With alerting for equipment, licenses, registra- tion and more, compliance is a breeze.

The WHG asset manager app streamlines operations on the go.

User-friendly technology is transforming our world. By embracing the latest tech trends, we can significantly enhance road safety, increase- productivity, and reduce costs, all at the same time. With the power of AI in telematics, we can tackle crucial issues such as distracted driving, fatigue, and predicting road incidents. The adoption of solar-powered tracking units can optimize the utilisation of trailer and non-powered assets while simplifying office operations, resulting in substantial cost savings. And let us not forget the innovations in mobile app software that give fleet managers end-to-end control right in the palm of their hands, streamlining the chain of responsibility like never before.

Are you ready to seize the moment and harness the power of technology to revolutionise your operations? Together, we can make the roads safer and more efficient for everyone. 

As your trusted partner in technology, WHG stands ready to guide and support you every step of the way – Dylan Hartley, Director of Operations at WHG. WHG is a trusted Australian solutions provider with over 35 years of industry experi- ence.

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