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Going above and beyond

For 12 years Tarrant Foster drove a light rig for Coles delivering groceries around Townsville.

For the past nine months, the 42-year-old Foster has been employed by Nortrans carrying liquefied gas.

Big Rigs saw Foster beside his parked Hino HR near a suburban shopping centre in Gulliver.

“I had a carbon dioxide tank on the back and carry liquid nitrogen and argon gas to pubs, restaurants, theatres, Macas, KFC and Hungry Jacks outlets, amongst other places,” he said.

Foster said his deliveries were mainly around Townsville .

“Sometimes I do get down to Bowen which is 200km south,” he said.

I asked what were the main reasons why Foster enjoyed the work.

“Nortans is a good company to work for and also all the friendly people I meet on my deliveries. I go above and beyond to help them,” he said.

Outside work, Foster enjoys operating model planes and also playing computer games.

Nortans has its headquarters in the Bohle industrial suburb and has been operated for 65 years by the Battle family.

It is a heavy freight carrying specialist and a community minded company supporting locals.

At every Townsville Convoy for Kids Nortrans has raised a lot of money entering a lot of trucks with support from their many drivers.

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