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Silverback Armour creates a buzz

Silverback Armour is quickly becoming the go-to choice for Australian truckies looking for reliable and affordable truck exhaust parts and components. 

About a decade ago, CSC Group Australia searched the world for a solution to the growing demand for chrome exhaust components that not only offered the range and the quality but could withstand the new high temperatures that the Euro emission standards imposed on new trucks.

It’s in the heart of America they found the solution… and Silverback Armour was born.

The Silverback range now includes stainless steel components in addition to chrome exhausts, guaranteed to be bold in their appearance and appeal, tough in their ability to endure the harshest conditions such as high temperatures, and rare in the unique character it offers every truck.

Ready for a complete truck transformation? Look no further than the top choice of every truck owner when it comes to boosting vehicle performance. Add serious power and style with confidence. Explore our Top Silverback chrome range below:

• Traditional Exhaust Setup – Reduced (Aussie Cut, West Coast Cut, Bull Horn Curve, Mitre Cut and Straight Cut)

• Monster Exhaust Setup – Non-Reduced (Aussie Cut, West Coast Cut, Bull Horn Curve, Mitre Cut and Straight Cut)

• Air Intake

• Chrome Guards

We’re elevating greatness to your rig’s appearance and adding protection at the same time. Silverback stainless range offers perfect mirror finish, sleek body coverage, and distinctive styles as their main features. Take a look at our stainless components that are available on demand. 

• Single and Quarter Fender (A.K.A deFender)

• Steer Flare

• Bug Deflector

• Brackets and Mounts

The Silverback Armour family believes that trucking involves more than just driving trucks; it is seen as a form of art. Our products are designed to turn heads and impress as you cruise down the highway. By using a Silverback Armour product, your vehicle can boast a unique and eye-catching appearance.

It is with great pride that we announce the significant increase in the number of Silverback Armour dealerships across Australia in recent years. While previously limited to only a few dealerships in NSW, the brand has now expanded its reach nationwide.

This is just the beginning of the Silverback journey, so come and be part of the beast hype and join us on this ride.

For technical specifications of our truck gear, please visit our website at or contact our Silverback product specialists at 1300 885 089.

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