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Expert legal support from trucking industry insiders

Highway Advocates, a law firm operating throughout Australia, deals predominantly in heavy vehicle-related legislation. 

The firm is headed by Robert Bell, who leads a team of lawyers that work tirelessly to represent and defend truck drivers and operators throughout the country. 

Highway Advocates’ point of difference is that it challenges the oppressive law enforcement system that truck drivers and operators face daily. 

Additionally, Highway Advocates challenges the accepted norms that prevail today and frequently contest flaws in the prosecuting authorities’ attitudes and presentments in court.

Highway Advocates also understands the HVNL and related legislation often better than the oppressors, which is an advantage for their clients. 

The firm’s mantra, “Legal Support from Industry Insiders”, is not an empty slogan.

With Bell, an industry veteran, Highway Advocates not only have firsthand experience and a true understanding of the transport industry, but his solicitors also possess the legal knowledge and experience to advocate to obtain the best possible outcomes for their clients.

Highway Advocates really cares because Bell was there. As an ex-truck driver, Bell has experienced first-hand the oppressive prosecutorial attitudes the industry faces. 

Truck drivers face the risk of fines, losing their licenses, and even sometimes jail time for simply doing their jobs. 

Highway Advocates’ goal is to keep truck drivers on the road where they belong by fighting their cases in court or otherwise.

Highway Advocates has achieved significant success in representing their clients, as shown by their recent results board, which includes cases where charges were withdrawn and dismissed or resulted in non-conviction orders, fines, or no points. 

Don’t just take its word for it, have a look at some of the results below;

A Victorian matter involving 14 HVNL charges with a maximum penalty exceeding $111,000. The outcome was a non-conviction order with a $500 donation to the Court fund.  

NSW Matter with 13 charges mixed NHVL and Road Rules with a total maximum penalty exceeding $90,000 and six points. All matters were withdrawn and dismissed. 

NSW Matter involving 10 HVNL charges with a total maximum penalty exceeding $120,000 and 16 demerit points. The final outcome was one conviction, a $1000 fine, and four demerit points. 

NSW Matter Critical Breach with a maximum penalty of $17,740 and 4 demerit points. The final outcome was no fine, no points and no conviction. 

NSW Matter involving 11 HVNL charges with a total maximum fine of $130,060 and 23 demerit points. The final outcome on appeal was no fine, no convictions and no demerit points. 

Victorian matter with 5 HVNL charges with a total maximum penalty of $59,100. The final outcome was a non-conviction order to pay $500 to the Court Fund. 

Highway Advocates is a law firm in Australia to the heavy vehicle industry. 

“We deal only in heavy vehicle transport legislation and make it our business to know it inside and out,” said Highway Advocates.

“Robert and his team of experienced lawyers are the links between your world and the law world. 

“Highway Advocates, keeping you on the road where you belong.”

For more information, visit or call 0488 01 01 01.

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