BTS 2023

Increasing load safety and stability

There is an ongoing need in the heavy transport industry to continually improve on safety and longevity of equipment. For this reason, Andromeda Industries are addressing such concerns in the way of their new products.

Introducing the new Heavy Load Safety Mat range by Andromeda Industries.

Andromeda Industries is an independently owned Australian business located in the township of Moonbi, NSW (22km north of Tamworth), with many different facets to the business including the reusable rubber division, engineering division, and the steel cable and sling division.

Andromeda Industries are proud that they can cover a wide range of customer’s demands with their new and innovative Heavy Load Safety Mats: load binding rubber and heavy-duty ground cover matting for driving heavy machinery over.

A Heavy Load Safety Mat in use.

The Andromeda Industries Heavy Load Safety Mat is designed and produced from upcycled/recycled underground mine conveyor belting that will improve safety and creates a high coefficient of friction for steel on steel making these mats a must for use to increase the safety and stability of your load, whilst giving protection to your truck deck or tray from the steel grouser plate bars. Heavy Load Safety Mats are commonly used for the transportation of excavators, dozers, cranes, rollers, etc. or OSOM loads.

We slice the heavy duty 14mm thick belt into either 600mm or 700mm widths and cut the length at 2300mm, allowing for easy storage across your deck or tray, ensuring minimal space is taken up, or we can customise the length to suit your needs.

Then we machine punch integrated handles at each end; providing a safe and easy way to handle and manoeuvre the mats.

The type of belt used in the production of the Heavy Load Safety Mat is fire retardant and resistant to fuel and oil spills which will provide a non-hazardous, durable long lasting Heavy Load Safety Mat.

Heavy Load Safety Mats have many alternate uses, such as being used as ground cover mats over bitumen, concrete, grass, asphalt etc. for protection from the steel grouser plate bars whilst being driven over or when loading/unloading onto these surfaces.

Other Andromeda Industries rubber products supplied for the transport and heavy machinery industries to go with our Heavy Load Safety Mats include split belt rubber for trailer and dolly mudflaps and mudguards, splash guards for livestock trailers, anti-slip flooring rubber for livestock trailers, load binding rubber, anti-slip traction mats, and holeybelt ute mats.

For any further information or to see our complete range of products, please visit or call one of our friendly staff on 02 6760 3773.

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