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Reducing rollovers with innovative suspension technology

The Haire Truck & Bus Repairs Pty Ltd has developed and implemented a dynamically load sharing air suspension: the HaireBag system.

The Haire Truck and Bus Repairs has become known for its first class repairs and maintenance services, along with its award winning HaireBag suspension – a unique patented upgrade that can be fitted to any OEM truck or trailer air bag suspension.

The HaireBag air bag suspension system is one of the best anti-rollover technologies currently available in the Australian market. Through vigorous testing and widespread installation of the system, the HaireBag system has proven to be a game changer for vehicle safety. It offers significant suspension benefits including better stability, improved braking, better steering, enhanced traction, single height control, superior off road handling, focus on driver comfort, greater fuel economy, reduced down time, better tracking, and significantly reduced tail sway and cut in.

The Haire Truck and Bus Repairs managing director William (Bill) Haire has developed one of the most innovative air suspension systems that Australia has seen, from concept, testing through to manufacturing. “Our product is ready with undeniable benefits for all stakeholders operating in the road freight industry. We believe that trucks fitted with the Haire suspension system would significantly decrease truck rollovers,” he said.

HaireBag suspension fitted to a Kenworth.

“We have extensive reports and extensive test results that can all be made available. These extensive reports cover a variety of relevant issues and engineering based testing including on road‐stability, cornering, cabin vibration, centre of gravity and dynamic load sharing.

“Our suspension system is fully certified as road friendly and has been thoroughly tested by Road User International. Generally the market for our suspension system is in retrofitting, with a big push from customers to have the system installed on their new trucks predelivery. 

“We are the only air bag suspension system running that does not suffer from wandering and steering issues. This is evident in our promotional video on YouTube.”

Unlike competitor air suspensions, the HaireBag suspension is a dynamically load sharing, quick response air system, it allows the air bags to respond to changing terrain near instantaneously. It allows the wheels to follow the contours of the ground beneath. Wheels on the ground ensure stability of the unit is maintained, on and off highway. Because of the neutrally positioned height control it does not pump and dump air from the air bags, the pressure remains constant at all times in all bags, reducing the tendency to roll.

“We believe we are the only suspension manufacturer to have ever had to actually affect a burst air bag in field testing. This was done with Roaduser International by way of a tap that exhausted all the air from one air bag, there were no adverse effects felt. Due to the quick response air system the driver was able to maintain full control of the vehicle without deviation. The truck did not lean or lurch.” 

Due to its proven success in improving safety, the HaireBag suspension system has been running across the transport industry around Australia for clients in: liquid, food, forestry, grain, gas, road train, heavy haulage, mining, livestock and passenger buses.

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