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SAFVER’s nifty all-in-one platform

SAFVER has an interesting history rooted in the IT and education industries, where founder Sourabh Vachher focused on building solutions to help industries with IT and business related problems. However, during the Covid pandemic, the founders saw a gap in the transportation industry and recognised the lack of skilled and professional drivers.

They decided to pivot the company’s focus and create SAFVER, a platform that provides a range of services to the transportation industry. The goal was to make it an attractive industry for new entrants while providing solutions for existing businesses. SAFVER’s services are designed to make it easy for businesses to comply with regulations while allowing them to focus on their core business and growth. SAFVER provides professional driver services, helping businesses find qualified drivers without any stress. SAFVER also provides training and resources to small businesses and owner drivers who may not have the tools or resources to train their drivers and keep them up to date with compliance requirements.

SAFVER’s aim is to become Australia’s most trusted profile with all necessary verifications. SAFVER provides an all-in-one platform and day-to-day tools to drivers to make them more professional and efficient. SAFVER also offers resources such as training and induction, policies, and toolbox talks to small industries.

In addition to their current services, SAFVER is also planning to start workshops for people who want to join the industry as owner drivers. They will also be hosting workshops on COR, load restraint and other awareness to reduce road risks and accidents. SAFVER aims to provide tailor-made solutions to meet specific requirements of each customer.

Our system is designed to be adaptable and customisable, so it can integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and workflows. We believe that it’s important for companies to have flexibility when it comes to implementing new technology and compliance measures, which is why we work closely with customers to ensure our solutions meet their unique needs.

With SAFVER, you can be confident that you’re getting a system that’s designed to work for you, not the other way around.

SAFVER offers a comprehensive set of features that help businesses manage their driver and fleet operations, maintain compliance and ensure health and safety.

Let’s take a closer look at the different features and differentiators offered by SAFVER:

Driver management

SAFVER’s driver management module provides businesses with an easy-to-use platform to man- age their drivers.

Some of the key features include driver profile management, license and medical expiry alerts, work scheduling, traffic history and police and visa verification checks, location tracking, and training and induction.

SAFVER’s differentiators include driver verification, driver profile download, automatic BFM/AFM certificate generation, and driver timesheet and paylog management.

Fleet management

With SAFVER’s fleet management module, businesses can easily add and manage their vehicles. Key features include vehicle maintenance, pre-start checklists, fault reporting, fuel tracking, toll tracking, inspection scheduling and forms. SAFVER’s differentiators include the ability to add vehicles using API, assign vehicles with logs, and track fuel usage by the self, driver, and owner-driver.

Subcontractor management

This feature enables users to manage subcontractors easily. It includes owner driver profiles, owner driver vehicle information, owner driver insurances, fault and vehicle maintenance reporting, digital toolbox, training and induction, and notifications and alerts.

SAFVER provides additional differentiators such as owner driver profile download, owner driver vehicle verification, owner driver profile verification, paylog, training and induction, and policies.

These features help users to verify and manage their subcontractors more effectively.

Health and safety management

Users can manage their health and safety requirements with features like training and induction, toolbox talks, hazard forms, incident and near miss forms, and easy doc. SAFVER also provides training and induction for one-time users, an open platform for hazard and the actions, risk register, risk assessment and incident investigation. These features help users to ensure a safe working environment and prevent potential accidents.

Compliance management

Manage compliance requirements with daily forms such as pre-start, driver fitness, load sheet, time sheet, non-conformance report, training and induction reporting, toolbox reporting, incident reporting, hazard reporting, easy doc and inspection reports. It also provides an audit dashboard, fatigue management system, mass management system and maintenance management system.

Job posting and job search

Post job openings and track applications. SAFVER provides a convenient platform for job seekers and employers to connect. Employers can easily post job openings and receive applications from interested candidates.

Driver search

A powerful tool for employers to find the right drivers quickly and easily while also giving drivers the opportunity to make their availability known to potential employers.

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