Melbourne tipper truck company slugged with a $9246 fine for soil spill


Nineteen tonnes of soil leaking from a moving tipper truck has cost a Lalor company a $9246 fine from EPA Victoria.

The environmental regulator fined Manrup Pty Ltd after EPA officers found the spill had left soil for several kilometres along Bulla Road, Bulla, requiring the Department of Transport to conduct a 13-hour clean-up.

The spill took place just after 4am on February 26 as the truck carried the load of soil from a Westgate Tunnel Project (WGTP) depot at Yarraville to the receiving premises at Bulla.

EPA officers investigated and fined the trucking company for unlawfully depositing more than 1000 litres of waste, an offence under the Environment Protection Act 2017.

Under the Environment Protection Act 2017 and the Infringements Act 2006, the operator has the right to have the infringement notice reviewed or be considered by a court.

Manrup did not return a Big Rigs request for comment.

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