Access exemption notice to WA will soon come to an end

Following major flooding across key freight routes earlier in the year, an exemption notice gave road trains transporting freight temporary access through the NT and on to north WA.

The aim of the notice was to assist in supplying freight to areas cut off by recent weather events in WA’s Fitzroy Crossing.

Months after flooding damaged WA’s Fitzroy River Bridge beyond repair, demolition has begun, to pave the way for construction of the new bridge, which is due to be operational before the 2024/25 wet season.

It provided access from Western Australia, via South Australia, to the north, allowing increased freight capacity on alternative road networks during a period when regular rail and road freight routes were cut by natural disaster.

The temporary crossing was only to be used during the dry season, and therefore will not be renewed. It will expire at midnight on June 30, 2023.

For more information about the Notice, click here.

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