BTS 2023

Innovation at the forefront for Airtec Corporation

The team from Airtec attended the recent Brisbane Truck Show to showcase its digital truck scales range and launch its latest Bluetooth on-board scale system.

Speaking to Australian Truck Radio’s Simon Smith, Shannan Gillingham, Airtec Corporation’s marketing manager, and David Morton, Airtec Corporation’s electronic engineer, said innovation is at the core of Airtec’s tech range.

“Airtec Corporation’s core business is on-board mass scales for trucks. We pride ourselves in making sure that we are getting truckies on the road quicker and making sure that their payloads are at their max,” Gillingham said.

“Innovation is at the forefront of what we do otherwise we’re just not supporting our truckies. The 2023 Brisbane Truck Show is definitely our time to shine in terms of innovation and we’re launching our brand new product, which is so exciting,” she added.

“The new Bluetooth mesh on board scale system is called the AXS smart OBM. We have a single and a dual sensor available for airbag suspension. It also comes with an amazing in-cab remote option as well. The retail prices are incredible for this,” Gillingham said.

“The idea behind this is to make everything so much simpler for our truckies. Bluetooth mesh is such a powerful technology it minimises all the fuss and mess of wires.”

Airtec’s truck scales help take the guesswork out of loading trucks and avoiding the risk of overloading. Apart from easy functionality, the systems are reliable. “Everyone wants to get the maximum out of their trucks and being able to carry the loads right on the limits. And so, accuracy increases productivity,” Morton said.

Being an Australian company, the team has not only developed products that are suited to specific Australian transport needs, but there is help at hand if things so wrong at any stage. “We’ve got our service guys out on the road to help with any technical dramas that might pop in,” Gillingham said.

“The trucking industry is changing all the time and we find from our customers that they expect more and more from our products and smarter and better technical features to help them service their day-to-day needs.”

For more information, visit the Airtec website.

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