New rules for Smart OBM use to kick in for Victoria

High Productivity Freight Vehicles (HPFV) operating in Victoria will soon be required to use a Smart On-Board Mass (OBM) system.

From June 30, lower Gross Combination Masses (GCM) will apply to all relevant vehicles without a Smart OBM, as per below:

  • 68.5 tonnes for a multi-combination (e.g. A-doubles, B-triples, etc)
  • 46.0 tonnes for a single articulated combination (e.g. a quad-axle semi-trailer or spread axle combination)

The Victorian Government had extended the original transition period for the introduction of smart on-board mass (OBM) monitoring for certain Performance Based Standards (PBS) vehicles.

The deadline follows over two years of extensions and industry consultation to enable operators of eligible vehicles time to adjust to the new requirements.

As part of the changes, operators of eligible combinations are also required to choose a telematics system to complement th Smart OBM.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) says operators without a Smart OBM that exceed these masses risk receiving “a breach for a severe mass offence”, which “could result in grounding the vehicle or directing the vehicle to a safe area”.

More information can be found on the Victorian DoT website, or you can learn more about your requirements and enrolment on the Intelligent Access Program (IAP) page.

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