Friendly faces at Townsville roadhouse

These friendly roadhouse workers serve many truckies each day and know many of them by name.

Clint Vaeau and Max Kelemete work at the Tropic Petroleum Ampol Roadhosue and fuel stop along Pilkington Street in the Townsville suburb of Garbutt.

Every day lots of trucks stop there to fuel up, pick up some food or have a cold drink.

Spy was told by numerous drivers that every time they stop there, Vaeau and Kelemete have huge smiles on their faces.

I went their unannounced late last month and found that was certainly the case.

“We get many trucks here especially in the afternoons and we know most of the drivers. I have been here two years,” said Kelemete, who has Tokelau descent.

Vaeau, of Cook Island heritage, said that truckies enjoyed a variety of food.

“They keep coming back for burgers with the lot, cheese and bacon sausages, dim sims and lots of other things. Many of the truckies park around the side,” Vaeau said.

As a bonus, drivers can pick up their latest copy of Big Rigs which are positioned strategically on a stand near the front counter.

The roadhouse is situated close to the industrial area of Garbutt.

The duo were delighted to have their pic snapped for Big Rigs and as the old saying goes, “A picture tells a thousand words.”

Their smiles are testimony to how happy they are in the job and also so courteous to patrons.

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