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Truckie Ralph Larkings, 66, keeps roadhouses stocked

Busy driver Ralph Larkings, 66, was making a delivery to a roadhouse beside the New England Highway when I saw him.

Even though he was run off his feet, he took time out for a few minutes to talk.

Larkings was driving a Mercedes-Benz Actros for Parsons Carriers, which is based at Glen Innes, NSW. He said the truck was great to drive.

“I mainly take general freight to places between Glen Innes and Tenterfield and this includes shops, roadhouses, hospitals,” he said.

Larkings dropped off coffee to the Deepwater Roadhouse where a staff member was glowing in his praise of the driver.

“He is very courteous and we look forward to seeing him making deliveries,” they said.

Larkings has been driving for the company for about four years and loves it.

Later that day I saw Larkings and his Mercedes making deliveries in the main street of Tenterfield.

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