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Comprehensive tyre range and service from Tyres4U

The team from Tyres4U attended the recent Brisbane Truck Show to showcase its extensive tyre range and service expertise.

Speaking to Australian Truck Radio’s Simon Smith, Tyres4U’s regional commercial sales manager Queensland Dean Ward says the maintenance of tyres is as important as the tyres itself.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a large or small operator, at the end of the day tyres are vital for every transport business.

While tyre technology has changed a lot over the years, tyres remain key to transport operation.

“Tyres are very critical, but more so than the tyres, it’s about the maintenance of the tyres,” Ward says. “It’s about the upkeep of the tyres, which can make a huge difference to the bottom line for the transport company.

“We tied up with Tyreright, which is a retail chain part of our group. They’re experts in the maintenance of tyres, particularly commercial tyres,” Ward says.

“It’s not just what you get out of the tyres, the maintenance on them really affects things like fuel consumption for instance.”

Tyres4U operates in every state and territory of Australia. It has 10 separate branches located across Australia and three branches in New Zealand, with its head office located at Smithfield, New South Wales.

Tyres4U also offers an Australia-wide emergency truck and bus roadside tyre support network called, TEN-24.

“We have over 200 commercial vehicles specialists throughout the country to get you out of trouble no matter where you are. TEN-24 is unique in that, given the right running tyres, you have the opportunity never to pay for roadside service again. So, it’s completely free of charge if you’ve got your vehicle registered on TEN-24 and running the correct product.”

From earthmoving tyres to wheelbarrow tyres, Tyres4U has all Australian tyre needs covered.

Tyres4U also ensures customers get the right advice from experts and the right service each time.

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