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Powerdown showcases latest range of products

Powerdown Australia’s general manager Mathew Gatgens was at the recent Brisbane Truck Show giving visitors a lowdown on Powerdown’s new and innovative products.

Powerdown is a leading Australian designed suspension solutions provider for commercial vehicles.

Since its origin in 1983, Powerdown has developed one of the most comprehensive range of truck, trailer & bus shock absorbers designed specifically for ‘excellence in performance, safety and value.

The Powerdown product range includes:

  • shock absorbers for trucks, trailers, buses plus other specialist applications
  • steering and cab dampers
  • polyurethane suspension bushes, cabin and engine mounts
  • gas springs for engine bay doors and luggage compartments
  • bracket kits.

“We’re celebrating a significant milestone this year – our 40th anniversary,” Gatgens said.

“We started in 1983. My father, Bruce Gatgens, started the company back then, unfortunately he has passed on since. But it remains a significant milestone for the family and for the brand. We are really proud of the heritage that we have here today.”

Showing its latest range of shock absorbers, Gatgens said: “This is called the Enveero. It’s the first one of the shock absorbers in the world, which is actually filled with environmentally friendly fluid.

“So instead of having oil inside the shock absorber, it is actually filled with this fluid which is made with sugar cane or renewable feedstocks. So, it’s basically like having Bundaberg rum inside a shock absorber but I wouldn’t recommend drinking it,” he chuckled.

“This will be the future of shock absorbers and we just jumped on board a bit earlier than everyone else.”

Yet another industry-first for Powerdown is its new right height indicator. “What this right height indicator does is show where the shock absorber is present in terms of its stroke. So, if it’s sitting in the green zone then the shock absorber is in an optimal sort of position where it’s got equal stroke and rebound and compression,”Gatgens said.

“If it’s starting to get into the yellow zones, the right height of the vehicle is probably out of specification and it’s just a visual indicator to tell you that maybe the right height on the vehicle needs to be checked.

“Usually, if the right heights out on the vehicle, it can reduce the life of the shock absorber by about half. So you’ll probably have a leaking shock absorber within about six months or even less. So really the right height indicator is an important visual indicator to get the extra life out of your shock absorbers.”

Gatgens also showed Powerdown’s extended range of cab dampers.

Founded in 1983 as part of a heavy vehicle wheel alignment business, Newcastle Truck and Bus, Powerdown started as an importer of shock absorbers from North America and Europe.

It quickly became apparent though these shock absorbers worked well on concrete highways and autobahns, they were not up to the rigours of Australian roads and hot climatic conditions.

This requirement lead Powerdown down the path to design and development shock absorbers specifically for Aussie roads, loads and specific Aussie conditions.

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