BTS 2023

The Drone Way flies high in Brisbane

With over 110,000 people following his Facebook page, Nullarbor truck driver and founder of ‘The Drone Way’ photographic business, Ben Stamatovich, was appointed as one of the Brisbane Truck Show ambassadors this year. 

With a gallery of his photographic creations on display drawing a steady stream of visitors, along with his ambassadorial duties, Stamatovich was one of the busiest people working across the four days of the event. 

“I was asked by the organisers of the show about 12 months ago to be a show ambassador and there has been a lot of build-up in getting here,” he said. 

It was the first time he had exhibited his works, which capture stunning landscapes and aerial shots of Australia, all taken with his trusty drone, as he travels between Adelaide and Perth. 

“There has been plenty of interest. With the big following on Facebook there’s been a lot of people dropping in to say g’day here. It’s a win-win, as we can use that following in the role I have as an ambassador to help get people in through the door. It’s always good to meet new people and hear their stories too,” he said.

From the initial purchase of the drone back in 2016 and the expansion of his business in the years since, Stamatovich’s work driving a truck has allowed him to capture different parts of Australia through the lens from a different perspective. 

“I try to create the best views of Australia without the Opera House and Harbour Bridge –  there is so much to see in Australia. Doing the driving I know where I am going to be to try and catch a good sunrise or sunset –  I cross the Nullarbor twice a week so if I miss a shot I know I will get another opportunity soon enough. Everybody likes a good picture, and the drone offers a different perspective as well,” he said.

His gallery display at Brisbane featured trucks on the Nullarbor, along with rural images and some stunning pictures snapped along the Great Australian Bight.

Having sold his framed pictures and calendars around the globe, two of his works were auctioned off at the Truck Show Breakfast on the event’s opening day. 

Over $2000 was raised through the auction for ‘Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds’, the official charity of the 2023 event. 

“It’s always good to give something back, and that inspires me to keep on going,” he said.

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