Truckline: helping customers save in the long run

The team from Truckline attended the recent Brisbane Truck Show to showcase its products and services.

Speaking to Australian Truck Radio’s Simon Smith, Truckline general manager – sales Martin Hinkley talked about how Truckline is there to support every type of truck in Australia with quality parts and unbeatable service.

“At Truckline, our job is to make a very easy shopping experience for our customers,” Hinkley said.

“For us, it’s not just about selling parts, it’s about trying to save our customer’s money in the long run. We look at that total solution across their fleet, and how we can help them in the longevity.”

Technology within the industry is in a constant state of flux and the team at Truckline is well-equipped to meet the changing needs of operators and their gear. “It really shocks me how much technology changes every year. There’s always something different, which means there is always something more to learn. That’s the exciting part about the future of the trucking industry,” he said.

“One of the benefits that we have over our competitors is that we have an in-house engineering team. We ensure that we do hold quality parts to last the life of a vehicle. But we also now have an offering across the Truckline network where we have a full-service store and we’re now really incorporating that within every Truckline store around the country to give the customer that one-stop shop experience.”

Truckline has experienced people in the team who know the Australian trucking industry and who are aware of the local conditions to be able to guide customers find the right part to do the job.

“Our people are a very vital part of our business. You need to have the right people within the industry to service the customers and it gives the customers faith that they can come to us. We have knowledgeable people at each store who can answer their questions.”

It doesn’t matter whether a customer has a big fleet or a small fleet or just one truck, Truckline will have your vehicle’s needs covered.

“That’s the benefit of our network. We’ve got 47 Truckline stores across the country. We’re here to make sure that we can cover every truck route within Australia and that’s our aim at the end of the day.”

For more information visit truckline.com.au.

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